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  • Summer Snack Hacks

    June 06, 2022 4 min read

    June 6, 2022

    Summer Snack Hacks

    It's summer time! This means the weather gets warmer and the snacks get sweeter. Summer is the time for snacks, whether you are chilling by the pool or on the top of a mountain. Some basic summer snacks include; fruit, s'mores, ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, and so much more. We all know and love these classic summer treats but we eat them every summer so we know what they taste like. What if we could change it up a bit and add a little flavor? Here are some easy ways to change these summer snacks up a little bit.


    Whether you are camping or just in your backyard, roasting s'mores over a firepit is my favorite thing to do. A classic s'more is perfect but what if you are craving something a little different? Well, I've got you covered. Try changing the regular honey graham cracker for a cinnamon graham cracker. Trust me it will change your life. You could also change out the chocolate. Try using cookies and cream, reeses, or even a toffee chocolate bar. You could also just take out the graham cracker altogether and use different kinds of cookies. You could use triple chocolate, fudge stripes, or an m&m cookie and not use a chocolate bar in the middle. Or still, put a chocolate bar and a chocolate marshmallow in there for maximum chocolate flavor.


    Watermelon is a classic summertime snack. There are so many ways you can upgrade this delicious fruit. One of my favorite simple ways to change this snack is by adding a little bit of salt. You just cut up the watermelon however you prefer, I usually do little cubes. Don't salt the whole thing all at once it won't taste as good, trust me. But instead, for each piece you pick up just shake a little salt on there and enjoy!

    If you have a little more time and want a little more complicated snack for a picnic or for fun you can make fruit pizza. You will need a fruit dip, for the marinara sauce obviously, and your choice of fruit. Cut up the watermelon into flat circles about 1" tall, then spread the fruit dip on top, and add your desired fruit. This summer snack is perfect for any summer get-together!

    Keep your friends close,
    and your snacks closer.


    Grapes are the perfect bite-sized snack to bring to any summer activity. Plain grapes are good as is, but, what if we could make them even better? When you buy grapes instead of popping them in the fridge put them in the freezer. Then once they are frozen enjoy! Another way you can spice up your grape snacks is with jello. You can use whatever flavor of jello you want! Just pour the jello powder into a big plastic bag then pour the grapes in and shake it like a polaroid picture. Then put them into the freezer and when they are ready enjoy this sweet snack on a hot summer day.


    Chip dips are a summer picnic or BBQ must-have. There are so many ways to make chip dips and I am only going to talk about 2. The first one is a fruit dip; this one is the most complicated out of the two, just cut up your favorite fruits and put them into a bowl with some fruit dip mixed into it as well. Then make your own 'chips' with flour tortillas coated in cinnamon sugar and bake. The second chip dip option is mango salsa. Regular salsa is so good but add some mangos in there and it is a game-changer for sure. Pro tip: if you dip lime-flavored chips into the mango salsa it will be flavor city. You'll thank me later. You can also add mango and peppers to guacamole!

    What Are Your Summer Snack Hacks?

    It is always a good idea to have a delicious summer snack at your fingertips. There are many good summer snacks that everyone will enjoy and many different ways to recreate them. I am only scratching the surface with these. If you have any other good summer snack hacks or family recipes you are willing to share let us know in the comments below!


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