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I Promised Myself I Would Never Do This
Again, & Here's How I Followed Through...

I didn't know I could be that type of mom...
I was frantically wrestling my daughter into the car.
Then, I looked across the car and saw an empty car seat.
My head darted around and he was nowhere in sight.
Only an hour earlier, I was rushing into the grocery store worried about how we were going to pay for everything we needed.
So many things were on my mind that day: the dinner I had to make in just a few hours, the fight my husband had just the night before, and feeling like I wasn't cutting it as a mom.
That's a lot to worry about for one shopping trip, but it was kind of a constant thing at that point.

Under the pressure I just couldn't be myself, I had to be what everyone else needed.

And I cracked under pressure.
Remember that empty car seat?
Yes, I was so preoccupied with other things that I left my only son in the grocery store.
How could a mom do that?
People told me that it happens all the time, but does it really? Or are they just trying to make me feel better?
I truly felt like I was a bad mom and that my kids deserved better than what I could offer.

That wasn't the real problem though. After watching my son in tears with the employees at the store, I had a thought.

This isn't who I am. I don't want to be this kind of mom.
I decided it was time to change.
Since this wasn't me. It was time to prove that to myself.
The kicker: I've done self-improvement guides before.
I've done the journaling, the video-watching, none of it worked. It all took too much time and was complicated or philosophical.
I finally found one that was different.
I finally found one that worked.
It was a self-improvement journal that was so simple, so practical, that I actually took action on it.
The surprising part:
I now didn't blame myself for never being able to improve my situation.
It was always because the process was too long, too complicated, and not practical enough.
For years, I have been telling myself that I needed to go to someone that was famous in the self-improvement industry, but most of that stuff is meant to never change you so you keep buying their stuff.
When I figured out my thoughts were not true, I was finally able to break out of their chains and get the results I deserved.
The real problem is I was listening blindly to others. They were the ones keeping you and me from really improving because we haven't listened to ourselves.
Once I realized the power of improving was in me, I just needed to ask the right questions, that's when I started to change REALLY fast!
No more 100-day challenges, it was 7-days I started to really learn about being me.
Being the best me. The best mom for my kids. The best wife for my husband. It was my time to remove the shell that was placed on me and show out.
I didn't realize when I started that not only does this journal help you change, but it also helps you discover your true self, asks the right questions, and gives you some pride of you are and who you are becoming.
So of course, I had to show that pride off with buying the Growth Mindset Graphic Tee.