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The hardest part is remembering to do it everyday,
so we made a reminder bracelet for you. (:

I was frantically wrestling my daughter into the car.
Then, I looked across the car and saw an empty car seat.
My eyes darted around and he was nowhere in sight.
Only an hour earlier, I was rushing into the grocery store worried about how we were going to pay for everything we needed.
So many things were on my mind that day: the dinner I had to make in just a few hours, the fight my husband had just the night before, and feeling like I wasn't cutting it as a mom.
That's a lot to worry about for one shopping trip, but it was kind of a constant thing at that point.
Under the pressure I just couldn't be myself, I had to be what everyone else needed.
And I cracked under pressure.
Remember that empty car seat?
Yes, I was so preoccupied with other things that I left my only son in the grocery store.
How could a mom do that? 
People told me that it happens all the time, but does it really? Or are they just trying to make me feel better?
I truly felt like I was a bad mom and that my kids deserved better than what I could offer.

So I needed to be better.

That's part of the reason I started this challenge.

But if I can forget my kids, you better believe I can forget to do something like this.

The Reminder Bracelets were a huge help for me.

Every day throughout the challenge (and beyond), I wore this bracelet.

Not only did it remind me about writing in the journal that I bought, but it reminded me that I now have higher standards than before.

And that was important for me to always be thinking about.

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