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  • The Ultimate Guide to Amping Up Your Wardrobe with Jordans!

    August 14, 2023 2 min read

    Hey fashionistas! Ever felt that your sneaker game was missing a certain pizzazz? Well, hold onto your shoes, because you’re in for a treat!

    (Watch the video on Youtube below)

    An Introduction: Hi, I’m Kyra!

    Welcome to today's fashion lesson, brought to you straight from the fashion closets of Bella Ella! As a wardrobe stylist, and yes, an absolute sneaker junkie, I'm here to spill all my secrets. Fun fact? I might have a sneaker tattoo. Stick around to find out! 😉

    The Buzz Around Streetwear and Sneakers 💥

    Now, if you're a bit into fashion, you've probably heard of streetwear. And, if you've really got your ear to the ground, luxury streetwear too! This trend is all about baggy vibes, cool silhouettes, and, of course, the ultimate: sneakers. Especially Jordans!

    Stepping Up the Sneaker Game! 👟

    Gotten your first pair of Jordans? Or maybe you're a Jordan veteran, rocking your 50th pair. Either way, let's get those sneaks working with your outfit.

    1. Elevating the Casual Look ✨:

    • Base: Start with the sneaker colorway. Think browns, whites, and blacks.
    • Add-Ons: Play with a skirt that matches the shoes. Bring in a statement jacket to elevate the look, and don't forget to mix patterns and proportions. Cute, right?

    2. Beyond the Basic 🎨:

    • Base: Ditch the standard blue jeans and tee. It’s been done, honey! Think baggy jeans, cargos, or any edgy pants.
    • Top Game: A cropped blazer or a crop top can go a long way. Remember, the more modern, the better!

    3. The Dress and Jordans Duo 💃👟:

    • Base: A long, two-toned denim maxi skirt. It’s all the rage and has the perfect streetwear vibe!
    • Pairing: Focus on the colors in the shoes and complement with the outfit colors. Maybe throw in a neon jacket for the summer fun. Color clash in style!

    Final Fashion Notes 📝

    The trick to looking fab in Jordans is not just pairing them with jeans and tees. Think colors, materials (like denim and leather), and sizes (cropped, oversized). Walk out, and you'll feel the vibes change. Trust me; compliments will flood in!

    Also, for my fellow sneakerheads, I've put together a fabulous lookbook. Dive into the world of streetwear, discover more style tips, and shop some cool looks. Check it out [here]!

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