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  • Self-Care: Mom Edition

    May 07, 2021 2 min read

    Moms are some of the hardest working people out there, and tend to get the least amount of breaks! With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, celebrate by giving yourself lots of love and self-care. Give yourself time to spend a magical day, completely guilt-free. If you're not sure how you want to spend a self-care day, here are some ideas for you.

    What is self-care?

    Self care can look different for everyone. Maybe it's a day at the spa, or a quiet day at the beach. It can look like a day spent away from your children, or a fun-packed child-filled day. Do some soul-searching and decide what you need to recharge. Here are some ideas how.

    1. Take A Bath

    Lock yourself in the bathroom. Grab your fanciest skincare items and your favorite drink + desert. Set up your laptop and watch your favorite show or movie. Enjoy uninterrupted "me-time". It's amazing the power this holds. You'll come out a new person.

    2. Go To The Salon

    There's nothing like a blowout and fresh mani to get you in a good mood. Make an appointment to get your hair, nails, or lashes done. Or maybe even all three. You deserve it.

    3. Go Outside

    Sometimes just a little bit of sunshine and fresh air can fix everything. Get outside, soak up that vitamin D, and relax. Grab a good book and lay in a hammock or your favorite reclining lawn chair.

    4. Do A Workout/Create A Workout Routine

    It's amazing the adrenaline and confidence boost working out can give you. According to research, exercise helps improve your mood and reduce anxiety. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour to get your body moving! If you work out often, try switching up your routine and challenging yourself. If you're not that into working out, try joining a fitness class like barre, yoga, or zumba.

    5. Make Plans With Your Girlfriends

    No matter how long it's been since you've seen them, reach out and spend a day together! Go out to brunch and catch up on your lives.

    6. Journal

    Journaling can be very therapeutic. Studies show hat journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety. It gives you the ability to self-reflect on your thoughts, feelings, desires, and goals. It helps you to get to know yourself better. Sit down for as long as you want/need and pour your heart out into your journal. Vent, appreciate, and ponder the things going on in your life.

    7. Get A Babysitter

    Get a babysitter and just leave the house. Go wherever your car/bus/bike takes you. Eat takeout in the parking lot, go to a movie by yourself, turn on your favorite music and just drive. It's free therapy.

    8. Spend A Day With Your Family

    Take the kids out of school or spend a stress-free Saturday together. Go to an amusement park or local museum. If you can, show your kids the places you used to hangout as a child. Have a picnic at the park. These will be core memories for your children, and really special memories for you.

    Comment down below your favorite way to spend a self-care day!

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