Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager – Bella Ella Boutique (Utah County, UT)

Bella Ella Boutique is currently hiring for a Marketing Manager in Utah County to manage and develop the brand image and positioning. This is a great opportunity for the right individual to join a fast growing women’s fashion company in Utah.

Overall job functions include:
*Maximize & Drive sales through social media, SEO, and in store campaigns
*Increase online presence through use of social media & SEO
*Introduce new ideas to increase the value of our brand
*Analyze & Report to ownership regularly regarding standard progress metrics

Job Responsibilities will include:
*Day to day management and delivery of content on platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…
* Proactively interact with online communities across all platforms
*Manage in store marketing campaigns to drive traffic and conversion in stores
*Management of all marketing related projects & initiatives
*Continually analyze campaign effectiveness and launch new initiatives based on previous performance
*Manage the distribution of an email newsletter
*Monitor & Analyze Google Analytics, SEO Strategies, and provide feedback for improved performance
*Use Adobe Suite to create branded graphics & design for use throughout the company

To apply for this position, you should meet the following requirements:
*Have a positive, problem solving attitude
*Demonstrate teamwork by learning & working with all coworkers
*Must be able to understand and communicate effectively with our target market
*Bachelor’s degree in related field or relevant experience
*Working knowledge of Adobe Suite and Microsoft Excel
*Tech savvy and well versed with computer applications
*Provide exceptional customer service
*Demonstrate a management perspective through a balance of delegation and action
*Ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and tactically with employees and management
*Working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords platforms
*Ability to think creatively and design marketing campaigns and strategies

This is a full-time position. Bella Ella Boutique offers a competitive pay plan to the right individual, with significant opportunity for growth.

To apply for this position, submit an application here: