To apply for this position, you MUST fill out the following Google Form. This job is a salaried, full-time, in-office position in our Orem, UT corporate office. Salary is $30,000-$35,000, depending on experience – those with a previous track record of success in sales management (especially in retail) will qualify for higher base pay. There are also monthly opportunities for bonuses based off sales and profitability. 

Looking to break into the fashion world? You’re smart for coming to this job description, this is the perfect opportunity.

If you’d like to apply for this job, you must fill out this Google Form.

Bella Ella Boutique is looking for an impassioned, headstrong problem-solver that can manage our strong sales presence on Previous sales experience is preferred, but not required to apply. We’ll give you creative freedom, learning resources, a really supportive team, and huge opportunities to grow within our company; you’ll give us an MVP performance in learning the ins and outs of Jane and growing it as a sales channel.

We’re not a small boutique, we’re a fast growing multimillion-dollar company. Succeeding in this position will make you an integral part of our company; this is your chance to make your mark!

Why Would Someone Want This Job?

-Bella Ella gives HUGE opportunities to people who prove themselves. The highest levels of our management team are dotted with people who started from the very bottom and proved themselves. This position is a huge opportunity to prove yourself and become a vital, valued member of Bella Ella’s future.

-Chances for significant pay growth based off sales performance. The more you grow sales, the easier it is for us to reward you with pay raises and bonuses. You’ll be in command of your future earning potential!

-A chance to break into the fashion world. Ever been interested in fashion? This is the perfect chance for someone with limited fashion experience to break into the fashion world.

-Fantastic company culture. Devil Wears Prada, we are not. You’ll work closely with our founder/head buyer, Alisha, and others at the company. We have a motivated, positive, supportive culture that you’ll want to be a part of!


What Type of Person Are We Looking For?

This person has to be self-driven and capable of creating and following their own goals, schedule, and processes. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with you to drive sales, find the best product mix, manage our relationship with, successfully handle customer service & fulfillment, etc. You won’t be given a list of things to do; you’ll have to constantly find the best use of your time & resources.

This person has to accept absolute responsibility for sales performance. You must understand that your job success isn’t contingent upon just doing what you’re told or “working hard”, it’s contingent upon helping remain a profitable, powerful sales channel for Bella Ella.

This person has to be capable of successful relationship management with our buyers. A LOT of possible success in stems from a great relationship with our contacts there. The person we hire to this position has to be friendly, positive, and absolutely RELIABLE. The more he/she grows the relationship with, the more success we can see.

-This person has to show a willingness, from time to time, to take work home with them. You WILL NOT be asked to work 60-hour weeks, work weekends, etc., so don’t worry about that. Still, there will be times when juggling everything involves changing a product’s picture if it’s not selling well, or solving issues with a deal early one morning. We need someone who cares enough about their work to think about it during a morning shower or while at the gym.

What Job Responsibilities Will This Person Have?

-Deciding with our buyers the product mix for each Jane event. What’s going to sell well?

-Working with our buyers to determine ideal price points/product quantities to be provided.

-Determining which pictures will sell the best as product images/home page images.

-Working with Jane to handle all pre-event logistics (providing them with product information, pictures, correct inventory counts, etc.).