Black Tie Wedding Guest Dress

Have you ever been to a very fancy elegant wedding? 

That is where the black tie wedding guest dress comes in your favor.

Some weddings can be very casual and you could probably slide wearing any dress.

But I am here to guide you when your going to wedding that just not anything you throw on will slide!

Black Tie is very formal, classy, and elegant.

I would stay as simple but chic as you can.

The Right Colors and Styles To Wear

Staying away from bright colors and patterns will be your best bet!

Stick with darker and more neutral colors like, black, dark maroon, dark green, dark blue, dark red, brown, etc.

The style and length of your dress will depend on the venue and weather of the wedding your attending.

The more classy and chic looks tend to be fitted long dresses. You could go with long sleeves, spaghetti straps, or a sleeveless look. 

Find what is going to make you feel confident and beautiful and go wow everyone!