Insider Knowledge: Experts Reveal the Best Outfits to Wear on a First Date


First dates are exciting but scary. They represent a new opportunity, a potential future love but also a possible disaster. Oh the things we do for love, right? Recently, we consulted with some of the top relationship experts across the country to assess what you should wear to ensure a perfect first date. Read on for their best advice. It’s practically a science.

“You should have two goals: to look like you’re making an effort and to feel great. Never sacrifice the latter for the former. You want your date to see that you put in an effort. [They will] feel flattered and special. By aiming to feel great, you’ll always have that extra confidence that is irresistible!” -Francesca Hogi

“Don’t choose an outfit that you don’t feel 100% comfortable in. If you are busy pulling [on your] top or concerned with walking in those heels, you will lose opportunities to connect by being distracted with your own insecurities. Let your personality and comfort in your own skin lead your outfit choice!” -Jessica Elizabeth Opert

“Spend time doing your makeup, nails, and hair. Men look at grooming and are often attracted to women who look after themselves. Regardless of the occasion and most importantly: wear a smile.” – Amira Celon

“Be the ‘Lady in Red’. Red not only helps put the spotlight on you, but you’ll also feel radiant and confident. Research has shown that red acts as a sexual sign in women, which attracts men.” -April Davis

“Guys want and need to see your shape. Personally, my fave is skinny jeans, a silky blouse, low heeled suede boots, and a leather or denim jacket. Guys like it because they can see your figure and because it reeks of ‘casual’ it will put both [of you] at ease.” – Amber Kelleher

“Classy sexy is always the way to go! Don’t show it all on the first date – leave some room for imagination. Show off the more appropriate areas of your body like your shoulders. If you’re feeling classy with a little bit of sexy, you’ll radiate pure confidence.” – Rori Sassoon

“The key to [successful] first date style is comfort. As in, you must feel (and ideally look) gorgeous in your outfit! Nothing will catch his eye more than great posture, confident movements and a big smile. Feeling fabulous in your clothes goes hand in hand with all of these.” – Emily Holmes Hanh

A little black dress that flatters your figure is always a good idea. Or, if it’s a casual date, a pair of your sexiest jeans and a cute top will do. In any case, make sure whatever you wear shows off your best assets, but keep it classy.” – Julia Bekker

Now that you’ve heard the recommendations that these professional matchmakers have given it’s time to pick the perfect outfit and get out there. Go on a first date, and get ready to turn heads (in a good way). And remember, first impressions do count!

4 Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

It was stressful enough to find the man and your own dress, but now it’s time to find their dresses! You know who I’m talking about: your childhood best friend, college roommates, sisters, soon-to-be sisters…your beautiful, unique bridesmaids! You want your bridesmaids to like the dresses, but you also want the dresses to fit the style of your wedding. Dress shopping can be a stressful process; we have some tips to help you find amazing dresses that your bridesmaids will love!

1. Give Them Something Practical and Re-Wearable

You may only use your wedding dress once, but your bridesmaids don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars for a dress they won’t wear again! Keep their budgets in mind and try not to be too extravagant, even if the $1000 Little Bo Peep dress is the PERFECT look for your wedding; <$50 is generally a pretty safe amount. 

It’s cute, it’s <$50, and she can wear it on a date!

2. Embrace Differences!

No two women are the same and a one-size-fits all won’t cut it when it comes to bridesmaid dresses! Women come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones, and thankfully so do dresses! You can embrace differences in one of two ways:

Option 1: Choose dresses that come in a wide variety of sizes and pick a color that complements each girl’s skin tone. Easier said than done; still, a lot of boutiques have great dresses in sizes for everyone!

Option 2: A fantastic option is mismatched bridesmaid dresses! This simplifies the dress buying process for everyone involved. Simply pick a color palette and let the bridesmaids choose their dresses (with your help and approval of course!) or choose one style of dress that comes in different colors (like this, this, or this). These options allow you to get the look you want for your wedding while allowing your bridesmaids to pick out dresses they love.

Image from © Style Me Pretty

3. Wedding Style

Keep the style of your wedding in mind. Whether your wedding is classic, rustic, chic, or romantic, your bridesmaid dresses need to fit in! Other things to keep in mind include the venue, time of year, and the potential weather you could encounter on that day. In short: no full length black dresses in the middle of June and no rose gold sequined dresses with a country rustic theme.

4. Enjoy Yourselves!

No matter what dresses you end up picking or where you get them from, enjoy it! Make a day of shopping with your bridesmaids – catch up over lunch, celebrate finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses over dessert, or order your dresses online and party at home. Happy bridesmaids, happy bride, right? These are your girls, take care of them!

Beautiful, flattering, affordable bridesmaid dresses really do exist! Here’s a few of our favorites!