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What’s in Your Closet? Survey Reveals Americans’ Feelings Towards Their Wardrobes

With the start of spring upon us, we knew that it was time to start cleaning out our closets and shopping for a new spring wardrobe. Taking a look at our closets made us wonder about the hidden closet habits of our fellow Americans. What do people spend on additions to their closet each season? […]

How to Pick the Perfect Outfit for Your Valentine’s Day Date

How to Pick the Perfect Outfit for Your Valentine’s Day Date Fancy dinner with your man: Opt for a feminine, flirty dress and pair it with some killer high heels. Some days we just really want to get dressed up and wear our favorite figure-flaunting dress, but we have no where to wear it to. […]

2016 Christmas Shopping Guide

2016 Christmas Shopping Guide Is anyone else getting excited that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away?! We have been fine tuning our Christmas list this past week, and we think we’ve just about got everything covered. Check out our list! Denim Jacket. Everyone needs a denim jacket. It makes for the perfect layering piece […]

2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide

2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide Oh, the Holidays. It’s definitely our favorite time of the year! After all the turkey and rolls have been devoured, it’s time to put on your game face and prep for Black Friday shopping. If you’re afraid to hit the crowds on Thursday and Friday, online shopping might be your […]

Fall Bucket List – Bella Ella Boutique

Fall Bucket List – Bella Ella Boutique Now that we are officially in September, that means Fall is just around the corner! Fall is one of our very favorite seasons! Who doesn’t love to layer up in your favorite leggings, flannels, and boots?! With Fall being just around the corner, we couldn’t wait to share […]

Bella Ella Boutique – How To Style Sneakers

Bella Ella Boutique – How To Style Sneakers There is no doubt that sneakers are totally in this year!! People are pairing them with everything from skirts to jeans, and shorts to dresses! We want to know how YOU style your outfits with sneakers! Here are a couple of fun ideas that we found on […]

September Fashion Inspiration

Bella Ella Boutique – September Fashion Inspiration We, like tons of other people, tend to head straight to Pinterest when we are in need of a little inspiration. We’ve been in need of a little fashion inspiration for September, since September is the month when Summer comes to a close, and Fall starts making its way […]

Stay Trendy – Bella Ella Boutique

Stay Trendy – Bella Ella Boutique Hey Bellas! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! While the weather is getting colder, the clothes are getting warmer! It’s time to bring out those winter wardrobes! Those poor sweaters, hats, and scarves have been in the back of our closets all year just waiting for some attention, but sometimes it’s […]

5 Best Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Hello Bellas! Today we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks for boutique shopping on the cheap! Being a college student, a family on a tight budget, or a perpetual penny pincher doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace your inner fashionista. Here are our top 5 tips! 1 – Shop off-season: Purchase summer […]