2016 Christmas Shopping Guide

2016 Christmas Shopping Guide

Is anyone else getting excited that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away?! We have been fine tuning our Christmas list this past week, and we think we’ve just about got everything covered. Check out our list!

  1. Denim Jacket. Everyone needs a denim jacket. It makes for the perfect layering piece all year long! 2016 Christmas Shopping Guide - Bella Ella Boutique
  2. Apple Watch. While the big debate over Android or Apple may never actually end, I think we can all agree that Apple Watches are a universal favorite. It is definitely on our list.
  3. Athletic Gear. Lets be honest. Working out in new (and cute!) athletic gear definitely makes getting our butts to the gym a lot easier. Save yourself the hassle of trying to find cute workout clothes. Bella Ella has got you covered.
  4. Camera. I know the cameras on our phones keeping getting better and better, but how awesome would it be if you could print out your pictures just moments after you take them? If the idea of instant polaroids interests you, then you might just want to check out the new Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Camera. 2016 Christmas Shopping Guide - Bella Ella Boutique
  5. Dresses. Seriously, who doesn’t love dresses? Dresses are one of the easiest (and comfiest) things to wear! Bella Ella Boutique has hundreds of dresses to pick from all at an affordable cost. Did we mention that they are all under $50?! It doesn’t get much better then that!2016 Christmas Shopping Guide - Bella Ella Boutique
  6. Disneyland. Is anyone else obsessed with Disney? We would just like a few 3-day passes for us and a few friends please. Bring on allll the Dole Whip.
  7. Cozy Sweaters. Because who doesn’t love to cozy up by the fire in a over-sized cozy sweater this time of the year?
  8. Hair Tools. With so many amazing brands out there, there are always so many new hair tools on the market that are better than last years. What girl doesn’t love getting the best of the best?
  9. Accessories. Chokers are all the rage right now, and with so many options to pick from, we decided to help make it easy for you. Check out some of our favorite chokers here and here.
  10. Boots. Give us allll the boots. Over the knee, knee high, and booties, we love them all.
  11. Puppy. What girl hasn’t asked for a puppy for Christmas? Adopt a dog at your local animal shelter today!
  12. 2016 Christmas Shopping Guide - Bella Ella BoutiqueShirts. When in doubt, clothes are always a great option. A few cute tops and shirts and your set. Easiest Christmas shopping ever.
  13. 2017 Calendar. While there are so many different (and fun!) options for new calendars, we are kind of in love with these 2017 WatercolorCalendars by Inslee.
  14. Gift Card. When in doubt get a gift card. It may seem less personable, but if you’re short on time and really have no clue what to buy for a gift (even after all of these amazing ideas!), a gift card always makes for a great present.




We would love to hear! What is on your 2016 Christmas List?

Every Woman Should Feel Beautiful

At Bella Ella Boutique, our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful, so when we heard the tragic story of Jordin Raglan, we knew we just had to do something.

11953435_1465069779.6114Jordin’s Story

“A few months ago our sweet sister, daughter, wife, mother and friend Jordin Ragland was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 24.
This came as a shock to her and their young family. After all of the countless tests and procedures, and sending her case to Stanford and the Huntsman Cancer Center, Doctors have not been
able to find many answers. They can’t seem to find where the cancer is sourcing from, making it difficult to figure out the best treatment. Jordin was diagnosed stage 4 cancer with little hope she will ever be cancer free.”

Jordins family decided to set up a Go Fund Me account in hopes to relieve the financial burden that has so suddeEvery Woman Should Feel Beautifulnly been placed on their shoulders. Instead of just trying to help out Jordin’s family financially, we knew the steps to recovery would involve much more than just medical bills. As a women’s clothing boutique, with the goal of wanting every woman to feel beautiful, we decided to help in a different way. We decided to donate multiple outfits to Jordin in hopes that she can still feel herself as she is going through this difficult time.


We hope that our small part can help make a big impact on Jordin and her family’s life. Here is the link to Jordins Go Fund Me page. We hope we can all help to make a small difference in this family’s life.

Bella Ella Boutique