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  • Ultimate Closet Makeover: Declutter & Organize in 7 Steps!

    September 15, 2023 3 min read

    Hey, gorgeous readers! Ever peeked into your closet and felt like it’s a tornado in there? Been there, done that. If you’ve ever felt lost, looking at a chaotic closet and thinking, “Where’s that cute top?”, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into my journey of turning my messy closet into a tidy, fashionable space.

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    1. The Closet Confession

    Yikes, I’m about to share a dark secret. Want to see my closet before the makeover? It’s a bit of a shocker! We can’t all have our closets in tip-top shape 24/7, but with the right tips, we can get pretty darn close.

    2. The Great Declutter

    The first step is always the hardest, and mine was tearing everything off the shelves! With three simple piles: Keep, Donate, and Sell, I was on my way. Remember:

    • Keep what sparks joy.
    • Donate what doesn't fit or isn't your style anymore. Think about the happiness it could bring someone else!
    • Sell the high-end pieces you're not wearing anymore. Local consignment shops are great for this.

    Struggling to let go? Here’s a life-saver tip: Try it on! Sometimes, items look fab on the hanger but not so much on us. If wearing it doesn’t make you feel like a 10 out of 10, it might be time to part ways.

    3. Hanger Hack

    Ever heard of the backward hanger trick? Start by hanging everything backward. When you wear something, flip it the right way. At season’s end, whatever’s still backward is what you might want to reconsider keeping.

    4. Color Coordination and Categorization

    Once decluttered, the fun begins! I love organizing by color and type. From white to black and tank tops to long sleeves, this method is a game-changer. It makes it super easy to find that cute pink tank top on sunny days.

    5. Smart Space Utilization

    Living in an apartment means I have to get a bit creative. But guess what? Every closet, big or small, has potential. Here are some ideas:

    • Over-the-door racks for bags, saving that precious shelf space.
    • Shoe organizers for a neat and tidy look.
    • Think about your closet’s space. I hung shoes up top and folded pants below, maximizing my space. Remember, it’s all about working with what you’ve got!

    6. Knowing Your Closet’s Capacity

    Not all clothes need to hang. Some of my basics and casual tops are folded because, trust me, digging through hangers can feel like a mini workout! Keep it simple and practical. Check out the photos I’ve inserted to see my journey from chaos to chic.

    7. Seasonal Switch

    One last tip for the road – do a mini declutter every four months or so. That way, you can keep your fall stuff at the front and summer goodies in the back (or vice versa).

    In Closing...

    Alright, lovely readers, armed with these tips, I hope you feel inspired to give your closet a fabulous makeover. Here’s to fewer “I have nothing to wear” moments and more “Wow, I forgot I had this cute piece!” Happy organizing, and here’s to a chicer closet soon! 💕


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