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  • Types of Dresses for Different Occasions

    November 01, 2018 4 min read

    Whether you're more on the tomboy side or you prefer things a little girlier, we can all admit that dresses are a pretty great invention. They're comfortable, they're fun, and sometimes they even have pockets (the envy of every non-pocket-dress-wearing female). But sometimes it's difficult to know where and when it's appropriate to wear certain dresses. In the past, we've helped you understand dress lengths and how to style them, but in this post we'll be helping you in your efforts to understand which occasions to wear certain types of dresses. We'll also throw in some tips on the best silhouettes for the best body types.

    Wrap Dress

    A wrap dress is exactly what it sounds like--a dress that wraps around your body. The wrap typically goes around the waist to accentuate the smallest part of your torso, creating an elongating effect on the bottom half of your body--making your legs look like they go on for miles. This style of dress is perfect for essentially every body type, but it is especially compelling and flattering for ladies with a pear or hourglass figure. It highlights the best part of your curves and can even help add some curve if you think you're lacking in that department.

    Lace Dress

    Lace dresses are one of the most elegant and sophisticated types of dresses out there. They're perfect for formal events, no matter their length. There are styles and shapes of this design that go perfectly with any shape. This particularly A-line shape in our example, especially goes well with any body type--you could go for a longer or shorter A-line depending on your preference. However, keep in mind that the longer it is, the more formal the vibe.

    Skater Dress

    Skater dresses are not just for our skater girls out there. Typically on the shorter side with a tighter bodice and a looser bottom, these types of dresses are perfect for the ladies who like to show a little leg. They're awesome because you can dress them up with heels and some jewelry or dress them down with flats or even sneakers for a casual Saturday. These types of dresses are ideal for those with more of an apple or rectangle shape.

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt dresses are the ultimate tomboy dress. These dresses come in various styles and materials from t-shirt fabrics to more of a button-up flare. They typically just look like an elongated shirt. The t-shirt styles are far more suited to a casual evening out or a day of errands, but the button ups can be dressed up with heels and some bold jewelry for a night out on the town. These style dresses typically go well with more rectangle-shaped body types, but as with any style of dress, there's always variations that can look good on all body types.

    Overall Dress

    Overall dresses are another great type of dress in their versatility. While seemingly casual at first, pairing a colored overall dress with a button up shirt, tights, heels, and some classy jewelry will surely have heads turning (in a good way) at more formal events or the office. Of course, you can also go with the casual look by pairing them with a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt underneath (as pictured). This style often flatters more rectangular body types

    Denim Dress

    The 90s called and they are jealous of all the comebacks that denim is making these days! More for casual wear, denim has found itself in several flattering shapes and sizes to pay tribute to the best parts of any and every body type. Pair a denim dress with a belt to cinch your waist, let one hang loose for an even more casual feel, pair it with a nice pair of heels to dress up a bit. It's a really versatile material that can go a long way in whatever setting you find yourself in--unless you find yourself in a cocktail hour. In that case, reach for the lace.

    There are so many types of dresses out there for any occasion and every body type that you're sure to find the best option for you and your lifestyle. Play with dressing these options up and down to take your dresses to the next level and remember that no matter what you're wearing, the best accessory is the knowledge that you look amazing in whatever frock you're rock!


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    Jazmin Cybulski

    Jazmin is a Florida native with a love for the Utah mountains. She loves getting lost in a book or a good movie, but she also doesn't mind a friendly game of ultimate frisbee on the weekends with friends. Pizza and dancing are her favorite pastimes.

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