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  • Top 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

    August 22, 2022 5 min read

    The Top 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

    When loved ones get married, things can be stressful for them. Sometimes that stress can carry over into your life. Picking a gift for the soon-to-be newlyweds is a difficult feat. This article will make it easier for you.

    What you have to know before you buy anything:

    First things first, you have to know the couple. This seems so obvious, but so many people get into "general newlywed" mode or "when I was a newlywed" mode and they buy gifts that are generic or stuff that they would have wanted. Make sure you get something that the newlywed couple would want.

    Most couples have registries on websites, but every other guest is looking at same toasters, vacuums and InstantPots that you are.

    How can you stand out?

    How to stand out and give the gift they will remember forever.

    After you get into the mindset of "what do they want?" you can now start searching. You can buy items for them, or you can buy experiences. This is where the outside of the box begins.

    Almost all wedding gifts are stuff. And sometimes that's what they end up being, just stuff in the house of the newlyweds.

    You don't want your gift becoming just another object, but something the couple uses.

    One way to do this is to give your favorite new couple an experience.

    Yes, you read that right! An experience.

    If you give them an experience, they will keep that memory forever, and possibly love it so much that they do it again!

    Everyone wants to have fun and do something they remember. As much as I need a toaster in my house, I would be ecstatic to do something fun to bond with my spouse, especially at the tail-end of a stressful time.

    Idea #1: Piggyback on Their Honeymoon

    We are starting with the best one first!

    Virgin Experience Gifts is a company that sells experiences all throughout the world to do. If your newlyweds are going somewhere exotic on their honeymoon, you can schedule something for them to go do.

    This can be done for any type of couple, any place they want, or any type of experience they want!

    Virgin Experience Gifts is an amazing place to give an unforgettable gift.

    Idea #2: Couples that Learn Together, Stay Together

    Have you ever been in a class that you made friends in? After learning so much together you just can't let that bond go.

    Let them learn a new skill together or give them a hobby—that they might cherish together their whole marriage.

    This exceptional idea to sign them up for a yearly subscription on MasterClass is going to blow their minds!

    Here they can learn new skills and hobbies together.

    Idea #3: Another Getaway

    Get them a little getaway and rent a place out for them!

    On VRBO or Airbnb you can rent out great places for low prices.

    Buy your newly weds a vacation!

    A getaway is so needed when your life is filled with stress. Newlywed life can be stressful, and it is so important for your couple to spend time away together.

    And maybe you can double up and rent a place for yourself!

    Idea #4: Restaurant Hoppers

    Your favorite newlyweds will be traveling or just might need some no-work dinners on nights that they are just too tired to cook.

    Give them the gift of countless dates! Several couples have done this and absolutely love "restaurant hopping."

    Trying new things with your favorite person is a great way to get to know them and newlyweds are no exception.

    Idea #5: Couple's Massage/Spa Day

    There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than a massage. But there's a secret about a couple's massage:

    A massage releases oxytocin—also known as the "love drug" because it makes you feel more trusting and connected to the person you are with.

    You might be worried about if the groom will enjoy a spa day. Take it from countless husbands that have joined in on a spa day, they may not admit it sometimes, but it is, heavenly. No matter who you are.

    Give your couple the gift of love and relaxation.

    Start with looking on Groupon to get started on your search.

    Idea #6: Wine Tasting/Vineyard Tour

    A fun outing together would be just what your couple needs. They can dress up and act fancy or go casual to try some wine. Help them connect with the finer things in life with a vineyard tour. Complete with experiencing nature and wine tasting.

    You can find vineyards on Viator or just a classic Google search will get you in touch with the right people.

    Idea #7: Gym Membership

    Is your newlywed couple fitness crazy?

    A gym membership might be the perfect option for them to get started on their life together.

    Gyms can have some sneaky upfront fees that can be tough for them if money is tight so taking care of those and just starting them off with a year of free gym time would truly be the gift that keeps giving.

    Some ideas of gyms are Vasa Fitness, Planet Fitness, EOS Fitness, Gold's Gym, and whatever other gyms are local for your newlyweds.

    Idea #8: Food Subscription (At Home Cooking)

    Food subscriptions can be pricey for meals that are ready to eat. Some of the best food subscriptions get cooked or heated at home and are mostly ready to eat.

    There are great companies that use amazing ingredients that are so tasty and healthy. The price per meal from these companies are so cheap compared to any sort of fast food or eating out, and are leaps and bounds beyond the health level of 90% of restaurants.

    Most of these businesses send ingredients that need to be mixed, heated, or cooked. If the meals come uncooked, it is obvious that they will be cheaper. It all depends on the type of couple you have.

    This buyers guide will help you find multiple companies to compare!


    Idea #9: Interactive Relationship Books

    Every relationship needs a certain level of know-how before being truly being successful. Instead of sending them a voucher for a marriage counselor—cause you don't want to be suggesting that you think they have problems—you can give them one of these books with a note that it is just to help them get closer and closer. Here are some examples:

    • The Ultimate Relationship Workbook for Couples
      • This book has simple exercises that are great exercises to grow closer but are less adventurous and more introspective, sharing feelings, and communicating about the relationship.
    • Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two
      • A time capsule of experiences together. The title describes the book well: do things together and journal about it for a fun piece of the couple's history.
    • The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook
      • This book has scratch-off boxes that give an adventure challenge that you can take pictures and notes about to remember forever!
    • The Vulnerability Workbook
      • A journey into vulnerability within the couple, and vulnerability with themselves. A guide of how to overcome trauma and loss, and be vulnerable anyway.
    • Intimacy Card Deck
      • This is not a book, but a deck of cards that help instigate engaging and relationship-building conversation. A fun way to get the conversation going!

    Idea #10: Flight Voucher

    Another way to piggyback on the honeymoon is to help pay for their flights to where they are going.

    Unless you want to give them another little getaway together, then you can buy a flight voucher for them to a place you know they will love!

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