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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Accessories

April 09, 2021 2 min read

Hair accessories are the best way to jazz up any outfit. At Bella Ella, we know that a little accessorizing can go a long way in transforming your outfit and making a statement. Need some inspiration? We've got you covered with this season's most popular hair accessory trends. From headbands to hair pins, you're sure to find your new favorite style to elevate your next outfit!


white headband
black headband

Headbands are a closet staple. Thankfully, with so many different styles, you can make this trend your own. From rhinestone studded to bold and wide to minimal chic, add your own twist to just about any outfit. They're so versatile and super easy to throw on.


hair accessories of 2021
oversized barrettes

Oversized barrettes made a huge statement in spring/summer 2021 fashion shows, so you know that this trend is here to stay. These clips can be found in a variety of colors and styles, making them the perfect addition to your closet. Barrettes are the most gorgeous way to keep your hair out of your face while elevating your style.

Claw Clips

claw clip
hair trends of 2021

We've all been waiting for the classic '90s claw clips to come back into style. Now's the time to add these simple statements back into your hair accessory collection. Large claw clips are all the rage this year, and they are the easiest addition to a sleek outfit.


hair scarf
hair scarf

The comeback of headscarves are giving us total retro vibes! You can style this piece in a variety of ways. Knotting a silk scarf around a ponytail or tying one around your head will add a flare to any outfit. Silk scarves come in so many different colors and patterns, so you'll easily find one that's just your style!


hair pins
2021 hair trend

Embellished bobby pins are the perfect way to keep your sleek hairstyle in place wile also turning heads. These pins can be found with pearls, beads, or pendants, and they are so easy to add to any hairstyle.

Now that you have basic guidelines to the hottest hair trends right now, make them your own! Pick your favorite accessories and incorporate the into your wardrobe. We know you'll look amazing! Comment your favorite trend down below.

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