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  • The Guide To The Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

    August 12, 2022 4 min read

    The Guide To Finding Your Perfect Look As A Wedding Guest

    Okay, you guys imagine this...

    Its wedding season but maybe you aren't as prepared as you thought.

    You've got 3 weddings in the next month!

    So what do you do? Get one dress and wear it to all 3 weddings?

    The only problem is, each wedding is such a different vibe. Ones inside, ones outside, and one is on the beach!

    So 3 different dresses it is. Which also means 3 different fun unique looks you get to create!

    Let me help you create that perfect look for your wedding!

    We have all the jaw dropping dresses you need!

    The dress just needs you to help it shine!

    Let's determine what type of dress you should be looking for!

    I can get overwhelmed when looking for a dress when there are so many to choose from!
    But I have found that when you can determine what kind of dress you need or the look you want to create, your search won't go far!
    Is the wedding inside or outside?
    What is the weather suppose to be like, is it going to be a warmer or colder day?
    If its warm you may want a short sleeve but if its cold your gunna want a long sleeve.
    Are you wanting more of a neutral dress or a pop of color dress or maybe a bit of both?
    Long dress, midi dress, or short dress?
    The options are endless!
    Once you can answer those questions lets go ahead and start looking at some dresses!

    Time Will Tell Shimmery Maxi Dress

    Have you ever dreamed of having your cinderella moment? I most definitely have! Just imagine it, you've got this dress on, you walk into this beautiful elegant wedding and all eyes go on you. The lights are dim but when you walk in, you are the spotlight!

    Everyones wondering who you are and where you got this beautiful dress. I mean come on who wouldn't want that moment!?!?

    This green dress would be completed beautifully with a pair of black heels, a small simple gold necklace, and a black hand bag.
    Since the top half of the dress is more sparkly and grabs the attention, I would style your hair either half up/half down or a low slicked back bun!

    Light My Fire Black Lace Mini Dress

    You can never go wrong with a black dress. Its classic!
    Whenever I am struggling trying to make a decision about a color of clothing I always end up going with black because i know black will always be a good choice I'll never regret!
    I imagine this dress looking fab at any sort of wedding!

    Dress it up or dress it down, you can keep it simple by a more neutral look but if your like me and love a pop of color then I would go for a bright fun heel!
    Some very simple gold jewelry would be a great touch. Curled hair or a slicked back pony tail will make you look classy with this look!

    If you plan on wearing black make sure you double check with the bride. Some brides don't want you to wear black while some don't care.

    Unconditional Love V-Neck Midi Dress

    I am absolutely OBSESSED with this dress. Just obsessed, there are no words, you will be a show stopper showing up to a wedding in this dress!!
    I'd be wearing this dress at that elegant wedding. With the dim hanging lights, beautiful decor, and maybe that more mature kind of feel ya know? Its just the perfect dress for that!

    To complete the look I would style this dress with some simple black heels. Even a red heel could make this such a fun look! Add some simple gold jewelry with a little bag. To really add to the look I would finish off with a cheetah print bag!

    Laugh Often Long Sleeve Mini Dress

    This mini blue dress is everything. The sparkle and the fit is very flattering!

    Where am I seeing this dress? Ready for the dance floor! I don't know about you but the dance party is my FAV part of any wedding! You can go straight from the ceremony to being ready to dance in the same dress! The best of both worlds!

    I'd pair this with some black or white heels. Because of the sparkle on the dress I wouldn't go to overboard with the jewelry. A pair of silver stud earrings would be cute! For the hair I would suggest a slicked back look either into a bun or a ponytail! Just like that, a beautiful, completed look for a wedding!

    Now Until Forever V-Neck Maxi Dress

    For my simple gals who like to look like they put in effort effortlessly. This dress is for you!

    I see this dress at an outside wedding, ideally on a beach somewhere! Just imagine yourself on the beach in this dress barefoot in the sand. Waves crashing and you are just totally looking the part. The dressed up beachy look is one of my favorites to create!

    To complete the look I would keep it as neutral as possible. Neutral heels or flats and some simple gold jewelry would make the look! For hair I would go with a more beachy hairstyle with some loose curls or waves would be perfect!  

    There you have it! 5 different unique looks! You can keep it classy and simple or you could spice it up and go fierce and bold. Do whatever makes you confident and go with that!

    Leave us a comment below where you would wear these dresses!


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