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  • Summer Cruise: The New Way to Travel This Season

    June 26, 2018 3 min read

    Summer Cruise:
    The New Way To Travel This Season!

    It is officially summer, which means it is time to knock some adventures off of our bucket list! With so many ways to travel it is always satisfying finding the perfect trip for you. Whether you want to save or splurge there is an adventure for you. One popular form of travel is getting on a luxury boat, traveling the sea, and going to mutiple locations. A cruise may be just what you need to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun this summer. We will walk you through a few reasons why you should consider wandering through the waters of the world as your travel plans this vacation season.

    Cruise into the summer!

    There is a Cruise for Everyone

    There is a cruise for you whether you're a mom, teen, or something in-between. There are over 50 cruise lines with more than 320 ships worldwide. Imagine all the possible places you could go! If you are looking for a luxurious romantic getaway, Celebrity Cruises are the way to go. Want something affordable and fun? Try going on a Carnival Cruise Line! If you want something active and affordable for your family, look at Royal Caribbean Cruises. With the growing list of cruise options all around the world, you're guaranteed to find the best experience for you! Plus, they take care of the planning so all you have to do is get on board and enjoy!

    Live in Luxury

    Cruises are great in the fact that they allow anyone of any demographic a chance to have a few days (and sometimes months) of luxury. During their creation in the early-19th century, cruises were reserved strictly for the elite. Despite the fact that anyone can now board a cruise and enjoy the amenities and other goodies they offer, they are still viewed as one of the most luxurious forms of travel. Their balance of inclusion and the image of elitism have caused an average passenger growth rate of 7.2% every year since 1990, with more and more people seeking an escape from the grind
    and monotony of everyday office life and grueling housework.

    One of my favorite luxuries that cruises offer is the minimal planning on my part. All that I have to plan is how I am going to get to the ship and which activities I want to do when the boat docks. Everything else is either planned out for you or at your fingertips. Try going on a cruise if you want a stress-free, fun, and luxury feeling vacation!

    Planning a Family Vacation can be stressful and expensive at times. It is hard to find something that is perfect for the whole family and won't cost you an arm and a leg. Cruises are perfect because there is so much to do on the ship so each member of your family is bound to find something they will love. You also don't have to entertain your children at all times of the day. You can just chill by the pool and let them run wild. You also don't have to worry about food because they typically have tons of cuisine included in the ticket price! You also know everything you are paying for upfront, so no need to worry about extra costs. It's good to note most cruiselines don't allow the crew to accept gratuity, so the awkwardness of who to tip and how much to tip is gone. This is the perfect form of travel for a busy mom who just wants to relax and have fun.

    The Perfect
    Family Vacation

    No matter who you are, where you live, or what sort of lifestyle you lead, there is a cruise waiting for you. Consider kicking back into a life of luxury while still holding to your goals of time and cost-efficient travel. Road trips might be nostalgic and flying might be faster, but cruising is the mode of travel everyone is getting behind these days. Find the cruise today that will help you have the summer you’ve always wanted.


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