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  • Spring Color Trends for 2022

    January 11, 2022 3 min read

    The trending colors for Spring of 2022 are ones to make sure to add to your wardrobe! The dreamiest, and easy-to-wear trending hues for this spring make it hard to choose a favorite. Why not play it safe and add all these colors to your wardrobe? These shades were prominent on the runways for New York Fashion week, we narrowed it down to the top 6 colors!

    Soft Lilac

    This soft lilac, lavender shade with the soft pastel undertones make it so easy on the eyes! But don't worry, it'' demand attnetion and is an eye-catcher to watch out for this spring. It gives a whole new perspective on purple, with a chic and powerful look.

    Canary Yellow

    A sunny yellow is always a spring color staple! The pastel shades of this toned yellow is like liquid sunshine, and is sure to make you stand out this spring.

    Hot Pink

    Veering away from the pastels for now, is the color hot pink. The vibrant and fun ways to wear hot pink make this a statement. It demands eyes and attention, so if you want to stand out from the crowd this spring, make sure to add this color to your wardrobe!

    Salted Caramel

    Neutral, earth tones are a must have basic for any occasion! But for Spring 2022, this color is IN. With this toned khaki/tan color, there are so many fun ways to wear it! This is a perfect color for pairing with any other shade of brown, or spice it up with bright, contrasting colors.


    Another vibrant color for the 2022 Spring palette, this bright scarlet red, with orange tints is an eye-catching statement piece to add to your closet. This bold color is sure to boost your confidence and add that pep in your step.

    Sky Blue

    The thing about sky blue, is that everyone can perceive it differently! Whatever you think sky blue looks like, whether is a deeper color, or more light and pastel, it's what reminds you of the sky. The personal touch to this trending spring color is more unique to you. And what closet doesn't look good without blue?

    With this color palette, it's bound to be a fun and spirited spring season! These were the top six standout colors, but for a more diverse palette, look below at Pantone's forecasting report. These distinctive colors bring together feelings of happiness and comfortability as we forge ahead in this new year.

    The Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Color Palette:


    PANTONE 12-4401

    Spun Sugar

    A sweetened, airy pasteled sky.


    PANTONE 13-1513

    Gossamer Pink

    Gossamer Pink invites feelings of serenity with hints of romance.


    PANTONE 18-2042


    A bold color, Innuendo demands attention and makes a statement.


    PANTONE 19-4151


    This color inspires us to take chances.


    PANTONE 14-0850


    A bright and warm yellow, Daffodil reminds us of a spring garden.


    PANTONE 16-4118

    Glacier Lake

    A cool and icy blue, Glacier Lake portrays peace and calmness.


    PANTONE 18-4728

    Harbor Blue

    "Harbor Blue reflects our search for a safe space."


    PANTONE 18-1019

    Coca Mocha

    A tasty color that livens up and warms your spirit.


    PANTONE 18-3324


    This Dahlia purple is an eye-catching and daring tone to get you out of your comort zone.


    PANTONE 18-1564


    A heated and commanding scarlet red, Poinciana is an adventurous yet dramatic statement.

    The Spring/Summer 2022 Core Classics:


    PANTONE 11-0602

    Snow White

    Snow White is a pure, and crispy white, portraying our desire for simpliciy and uninterruption.


    PANTONE 13-0003

    Perfectly Pale

    A very subtle and toned beige, you can almost hear the waves sitting on a warm sandy beach.


    PANTONE 16-6216


    A joyful green that emanates health and wellness.


    PANTONE 14-4104

    Northern Droplet

    Northern Droplet is a pale gray that attracts quiet and tranquility.


    PANTONE 18-4004

    Poppy Seed

    A powerful deep gray that seeks timeless familiarity.

    It's time to get excited for the soon-to-come spring season! With so many fun, adventurous and soft colors, Spring 2022 is going to be the most diverse we've seen yet. Explore new shades of your favorite color, or step out of your comfort zone! Any and all of the colors above are confidence boosters; whichever one you choose, we guarantee you'll look good. Happy Spring!

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