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  • Spring Cleaning Checklist: How to Organize Your Closet

    January 14, 2019 5 min read 2 Comments

    The time for spring cleaning is upon us, and what better place to start than your closet? We spend so much time and money on our clothing, so keeping it organized and clean is a must. Here we will give you some closet organization ideas, and some tips on how to keep it organized all year long! Cleaning out your closet doesn't have to be an annual, dreaded challenge. Start working on your spring cleaning checklist now!

    Acquire Organizational Supplies

    Organizational products will either make or break your closet cleaning experience. When trying to determine what organizational supplies you need, think about what you have the hardest time keeping clean in your closet. Do you have shoes piled up, or taking up all of the floor space? Maybe get a shoe rack. If you have piles of clothes that don't seem to fit, invest in some more hangers. There are so many different products you can add to your closet, just do a quick little google search and you'll be sure to find what you need!

    Don't forget get to grab two bags- one for donations, and one for items you wish to throw away.

    Empty Your Closet

    This step is pretty self explanatory. Take absolutely everything out of your closet in order to get a good look the space you are working with. This is also a good way to get an idea of how much stuff you currently have. Compare this to what you end up with in the end to see how much you have accomplished! Staying clean and tidy always feels good.

    Deep Clean

    Now that your closet is empty, it's time for a deep cleaning! What's the point of organizing your clothes if you're just going to put them in a dirty space? Deep cleaning your closet is where you're going to see a big difference. Get excited for your items to be in a well kept area where they'll stay clean and their quality won't fade!

    Vacuum or sweep the floor and dust or wipe down any built in organizers and shelves. This creates a clean space for all of your newly organized clothes to live.

    Add Organizational Items

    Now that your closet is clean and ready to go you can add the organizational items that you got! Find the perfect spot to put your new shoe rack, shelf, or hamper. Make sure to take your time and put these items in a spot that will be the most practical. It's a lot easier to figure out placement when your closet isn't full of clothes and shoes!

    Depending on how large your closet is, add a rug or a simple chair to make it more homey and comfortable. Picking out the perfect outfit can take some time, so make sure you can enjoy yourself while doing so!

    Sort Through Your Clothing

    Now it's time to add your clothes back into your closet! This is the most important part of organizing. Here you will decide what you want to keep. It is also the time to decide how you want to organize your clothes. Some of the most popular methods are organizing by season or color. If this is your first time really organizing your closet, we recommend organizing by season. Categorize winter and fall clothing together in one area and summer and spring in another. This will make it easier to pick out an outfit that'll fit the current season or situation.

    When deciding what to keep ask yourself "when is the last time I wore this?" or "would I buy this now?" If you haven't worn it in over a month, and it's not something you would currently buy, it might be time to let it go.

    Donate & Throw Away

    Now that you have organized your closet and put everything back into it, you may have a large pile of clothes that you no longer wanted to keep in your wardrobe. Go through these clothing items and decide what is nice enough to donate and what should just be thrown out.

    Once you have separated these, go to your nearest thrift store or donation center and let someone else enjoy the things you no longer need. Who knew organizing your closet could also help someone else?

    Tips & Tricks on How to Keep it Clean

    The hardest part of cleaning and organizing a space is keeping it that way. Here are our tips and ideas on how to keep your closet tidy after going through all that hard work!

    • Add "closet cleaning" to your tasks on the days you do your laundry. While putting your clean clothes away, check for any items that have come unfolded or fallen onto the floor. Pick these up and put them back where they belong. Look around for any dirty clothing hiding in corners or laying on the floor and put these into your hamper. Doing this often will help to keep things clean and looking good.
    • Have a system for buying and getting rid of clothing. For example, if you buy some cute new items for yourself, get rid of the same amount of older items that you no longer wear. This is a good way to make sure you're not holding onto things you don't need. It also makes it a lot easier to let things go when you're replacing them with new items that you're excited to wear!
    • Make your closet a space you enjoy being in by adding mirrors, chairs, rugs, and more. This can be hard depending on how much space you have, but by making your closet a homey place you'll want to keep it clean and a nice place to be.
    • Every year add organizing your closet to your spring cleaning checklist in order to go back through and do some deep cleaning. By doing the above, this task shouldn't be too much of a hassle or take too much time. Doing this at least once a year helps to get rid of the large amount of clothing you've stopped wearing. It also gives you the opportunity to donate and to get rid of old, worn clothing that is taking up space.

    We hope that you love your new, organized closet! Having a nice, clean space to store your clothes feels so good and makes life a whole lot easier. Now that you can easily see what you own we hope you create some amazing outfits that you can rock throughout your day! Now that you've checked this task off, get started on the rest of your spring cleaning checklist.


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    2 Responses

    Jennifer Baum
    Jennifer Baum

    April 10, 2020

    I loved all the points you made about cleaning and organizing. After reading this I started to clean out my closet and organizing better for my Spring/Summer clothes. I also did a deep clean on not just my closet but my room and it feels so much better laying down in it. Thank you for the tips!

    Victoria Kluver
    Victoria Kluver

    February 15, 2019

    I love all the points you gave for organizing your closet. I didn’t even think to take everything out. My friend once told me if I am unsure if an item to keep wearing it for a day and see how you feel afterward. I think a maybe pile would be good for that. Also, trying to sell some of my items would help me get new items too.

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