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  • Love Is Blind & More Binge-Worthy Finds

    April 07, 2020 4 min read 3 Comments

    The world is a strange place right now. Most of us have felt fear, anxiety, doubt and even distrust through this unique pandemic. We’re all in this together, and we'll get through this! Deadlines and expectations keep changing regarding when it will be safe and acceptable to socialize again. In the meantime, we have dramatic, uplifting, hilarious, and sometimes cringe-worthy shows to binge our way through these weeks or months to come.

    Love Is Blind

    If you’ve been on social media at least once in the past couple of months, chances are you’ve heard of the guilty pleasure we all refer to as Love Is Blind. The last Bachelor season ended with most of us distraught or unsatisfied. Even so, quarantine has given most of Bachelor Nation time to miss dating shows, and it’s leaving us wanting more. If this sounds like you, Love Is Blind is here to fill that void!

    Without spoilers, I’ll briefly explain the show. It is portrayed as a science experiment, which is why the show takes itself so seriously. A group of single men and women are cut off from the outside world (similar to Bachelor in Paradise) except the sexes have separate living spaces and go on a series of dates leading to a proposal. The biggest twist of the experiment—but still not a spoiler—is that these people don’t see each other until AFTER they’re engaged, putting the phrase "love is blind" to the test quite literally.

    Even if dating shows aren’t usually your thing, trust me when I say you won’t be able to look away! The contestants meet in pods and sometimes find themselves on a date talking to a person for over 12 hours without seeing them face-to-face. Only a handful of couples make it past the pod stage of the experiment and get engaged to continue on the show. Keep in mind that all of these people “dated” each other at some point in the pods. You will watch plenty of cringe-worthy encounters and moments that will have you almost throw your phone at the screen. And at the same time, some couples are so genuine that you will find yourself rooting for them the whole way! You’ll find yourself asking, is love truly blind?

    If you love ridiculous reality dating shows but more so love watching people genuinely fall in love, you need to binge-watch Love Is Blind right now. Also news just broke they’re coming out with a second season! Yeee!

    Tiger King

    Where to even begin. The murder? The mayhem? The madness? Our household finished this entire documentary in one day (I’m only a little embarrassed). We couldn’t look away even when we probably should have. Yes, most of the characters are seriously disturbed people. And yes, you'll have a hard time believing those characters are actually real people and not actors portraying fictitious characters. But the Tiger King bandwagon is one I just can’t get off.

    The Director, Eric Goode, began filming a documentary about a snake dealer in Florida, and that led him to stumble upon the big cat world. He was introduced to the eccentric Joe Exotic (the self-proclaimed "Tiger King") and Joe's big cat zoo. Little did Goode know, he was walking into a potential murder investigation and had just brushed the surface of the wild “underground” big cat community.

    You'll laugh, cry, and then pull your hair out. But you’ll definitely be shocked. Before you finally cave in (because we know you will) and watch the documentary people can't stop talking about, just remember these are real people—not actors. Just let that sink in.

    "Hey all you cool cats and kittens!" Shop these looks that give us serious big cat vibes

    More Binge-Worthy Netflix Content:

    The Good Place- Need a good comedy and escape from this crazy world? This show just wrapped up, and all the seasons are available for your viewing pleasure!

    Cheer- Everyone and their mom is talking about this show right now. It offers a new look into the world of cheerleading and proves this competitive lifestyle is far from easy!

    The Chef Show- Need something light-hearted and oddly satisfying to watch? Mouthwatering dishes and celebrity interviews, together at last. This show is also great to turn on in the background as you’re cooking or working on that new puzzle!

    Ozark- If you’re looking for something dark and intense, look no further. People can’t stop talking about this drama. With 3 seasons under its belt, you have plenty of episodes to help pass the time!

    Are you a seasoned Netflix viewer who needs more options? Check out this list of the 100 best TV shows on Netflix right now.

    Burned out from Netflix? If you have Disney + check out this awesome list of must watch TV-shows old and new!

    No need to reorganize your closet for a third time. You deserve to take a break, lounge on the couch, and unwind. Do you have more binge-worthy show suggestions? Share them in the comments! Keep calm and binge on!

    3 Responses

    Jay Jordan
    Jay Jordan

    April 09, 2020

    Love your blog. 💖🥰


    April 08, 2020

    Such cute stuff!

    Jordan strode
    Jordan strode

    April 08, 2020

    Tiger king killed me! My husband and I binged it and truthfully have no regrets 😂

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