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  • The Ultimate Jewelry Guide

    July 06, 2022 5 min read

    The Ultimate Jewelry Guide:

    Clothes on hangers. That's all I see when I am looking at my closet. I don't see outfits, I see items that could potentially become an outfit. Eventually and fortunately every morning I somehow piece together an outfit that is acceptable to wear outside of my bedroom, well... maybe not every morning. This particular morning I remembered that I own jewelry. Great, another obstacle to add to my getting ready routine. As if putting together an outfit wasn't enough I gotta add jewelry to it? Technically, I don't have to but some days I want to. I used to wear the same necklace and bracelets every day and never take them off, but I want to mix it up and try the rest of my jewelry. So, I decided to find out how to style jewelry.

    We all know what the options are: rings, necklaces, earrings, etc..., but what are the rules? What's the right way to stack necklaces and bracelets? Am I allowed to mix metals? All great questions that I have had and many more, so I searched on Pinterest and found some tips and pictures that gave me inspiration. Let me share it with you.


    I have a double ear piercing, so I love finding sets or wearing a pearl/diamond and a hoop.

    There are many different kinds of earring styles. There are ear jackets that have a front and back part of the earring. Ear climbers are ones that go into your piercing and have a little cuff that connects it to the top of your ear. Hoops are a great, simple option. Dangle earrings are fun to wear when your hair is up. We also have our classic stud earrings. I am probably missing a bunch of styles but those are the ones I see a lot.

    Earrings are so fun and easy to experiment with. Whether you have one or 28 piercings there are so many different styles to try!

    Layering Necklaces

    Now let's talk about layering necklaces. I love layering necklaces its the one jewelry thing I did before writing this blog!

    I usually like to layer necklaces when I am wearing a tight turtle-neck or v-neck top. That way you can add longer layers. If you are wearing a different top and don't have a lot of space to layer two necklaces will still get the job done.

    I will give you a quick outline of how to layer by size starting with the smallest necklace. I usually start with a thin chain or snake bone necklace that just sits right at the base of your neck. Next, I add a chain that's a little bit bigger than the first one, it should sit right on your collarbone. Lastly, I add a pendant that is a good few inches longer than the chain, this should sit in the middle of your chest. You can add a necklace in between the chain and the pendant but I think 3 necklaces are perfect.

    You can also mix and match metals when layering necklaces.

    Layering Bracelets

    I'll be honest...
    I don't usually wear bracelets, but I have a bunch of really cute bracelets that I want to start wearing. I am always wearing my apple watch and don't know how to style around it. So, I did some research and now I have some ideas that I want to try.

    I really like chains and I found a few combinations that are really cute. One thing I noticed was the mixing and matching of different styles but keeping it at 2-3 layers.

    With that information, I am going to try putting a thicker chain above the watch and a snake bone and thin chain below, closer to my hand, and see how that looks.


    I love rings. I don't wear them very often because I have tiny fingers but I love wearing them when I do. I usually wear them when I have my nails done, it makes me feel so put together.

    It can be hard to wear multiple rings sometimes and I don't want it to look weird with my wedding ring. I had to start buying rings that matched the style of my wedding ring so it didn't look out of place. My wedding ring is simple and dainty so I started buying simple and dainty rings and it's made all the difference.

    Some people stack rings up their fingers but mine are too small and skinny for that. I usually like to have 4 rings on one hand and 3 on the other.


    Anklets are so much fun for the summer. Unfortunately, not the greatest in the winter because of socks and boots. It's painful, trust me.

    There is a lot of freedom with anklets. Sometimes after a long day of running around, I like to sit and watch my favorite show and make myself a friendship bracelet and wear it on my ankle. Sometimes my kids will make little bracelets and if they are big enough I will wear them as an anklet.

    If you want to go for a more fashionable look you can wear some bracelets on your ankle! LIFE HACK! Sometimes they don't fit but from my experience, it is very few.

    I also like wearing my pearl bracelets on my ankle because they are annoying on my wrist. Seashell anklets are also so cute and a fav of mine.


    I usually like to keep my jewelry options as basic as I can so I just stick to different metals.

    There are different metals that go with different skin tones. I am a cool-winter skin tone so yellow golds do NOT look good on me. Sometimes I still wear them but it makes my skin look washed out. Soft golds and silver look best on me.

    If you don't know your skin's undertone check out this quiz we made that helps you determine if you are warm or cool-toned.

    Mixing Metals

    I already know what you are thinking. NO! I was also held back by the idea that I couldn't mix metals. But who said we can't? If I want to mix metals then I am gonna mix metals and nobody can tell me otherwise!

    When mixing metals don't go too crazy, I wouldn't mix all the metals together. For example, if I was going to mix silver and gold I would wear silver earrings and rings then add a gold necklace. You can also do the opposite and wear gold earrings and rings and a silver necklace. With rings and multiple piercings, it can be fun to mix and match different metals.

    When mixing metals it's better to keep it simple and soft.

    Everyone has their own style and things that they like. Take these tips and make it your own! Wear things that make you feel confident and comfortable.

    Leave a comment below of your favorite jewelry combinations!


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