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  • A Social Media Expert's Guide to Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

    February 05, 2018 2 min read

    It seems like one of life’s biggest mysteries these days is this: how do Instagrammers manage to maintain beautifully curated feeds? There’s more to it than just taking pretty pictures, but what’s the secret? Bella Ella’s social media guru shares a few of her tips on how to create a gorgeous and cohesive Instagram feed!

    First of all, why bother with creating a cohesive feed? Isn’t it enough to just post nice pictures? Your Instagram feed is going to be the first impression that viewers have of your profile. Within seconds, they’ll decide if your profile is worth their interest, regardless of how beautiful, interesting, or helpful your individual posts may be! Make sure that the first impression is a good one!

    Plan Ahead

    Use a visual planning app like Later, UNUM, or Preview to plan out your photos. This helps you see if your images work together before you even post them. These apps also give you an opportunity to schedule posts, so that you can post at times when your followers will be most likely to see your posts in their feed. With Instagram’s changing algorithm, this is the best way to make sure that your posts actually appear on your followers’ feeds!

    Try a Cohesive Color Scheme

    Is there a color constantly popping up in your pictures? Are you more of a minimalist with your posts? Find a color scheme that works with the kind of content that you’re posting and stick with it! Don’t be afraid to be creative! Here are some of our favorite feeds to inspire you:

    @dreaming_outloud’s feed is filled with bright teals and oranges, no matter the season!

    @shopbando are masters of color. Their feed incorporates all colors of the rainbow while still keeping it cohesive.

    @meghanrienks keeps her feed simple with a white color scheme. So simple but so gorgeous!

    Use a Uniform Editing Style

    This is one of the easiest ways to keep your feed cohesive. If you love adding grain to your photos, use a uniform amount of grain in ALL of your posts. Keep your photos at a similar brightness, tone, and editing feel for a feed that blends. Try downloading presets or save your own! Apps like VSCO, Polarr, and Snapseed allow you to save presets to use over and over again. Here are some Instagrammers who use their editing styles to keep their feed nice and cohesive.

    Leave Room for Variety

    We all follow someone whose entire feed is just selfies (…or maybe unfollowed). A great Instagram feed is filled with a variety of subjects, angles, and textures. If your feed is filled with outfit photos, mix it up every few posts and throw in a detail shot!

    Apply these Instagram tips to your own feed, and you’ll be looking like a famous influencer in no time at all! Leave any of your Instagram tips in the comments below!

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