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  • Packing in a Pinch: How to Get It Right in Under 10 Minutes

    August 22, 2023 2 min read

    Hello, lovely readers! We’ve all been there - waiting until the last minute to pack, feeling the stress build, and watching the minutes tick by. If you've ever found yourself in this situation, worry not. Today, I'm taking you along on my own packing adventure and sharing my ultimate tips for packing super efficiently!

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    Procrastinator's Panic

    You guys, just picture this. I had to pack. I had to leave in 10 minutes. Last night, I thought, “Okay, tonight’s the night. I'm definitely getting to packing.” Well, we all know how that turned out. 🙈

    Let's Dive In: The Starting Chaos

    Before I dive into the methods, let me paint the starting picture: shoes scattered, bags everywhere, and an empty suitcase. But fear not! Let's turn this around.

    The Game-Changing Strategy: Fold and Roll

    1. Separation First: Let's get organized. Place shoes and bags on one side, clothes on the other. Lay everything out so you can see it.
    2. Prioritize Weight: Heavy items like those thick leather pants or dense denim should always be at the bottom.
    3. The Magical Roll: Fold your clothes, then roll them tight. This not only saves space but also keeps your clothes organized and wrinkle-free. Think of it as a little puzzle, placing pieces where they fit best.
    4. See Everything: One advantage of this method? You open your suitcase and BOOM! You see everything at a glance. No more rummaging!

    Jetting to Vegas in Style

    I'm heading to Vegas this weekend (Hello, summer league basketball! 🏀). And though I might pack 100 outfits I'll never wear, thanks to the fold and roll, I have the option to wear them.

    Shoes & Accessories: Keeping it Clean

    Nobody likes street-worn shoes mingling with their clean clothes. My life-saving hack? A simple plastic bag. Trust me, it’s not as ghetto as it sounds. Slip your shoes in, and rest easy knowing your clothes remain untouched by the streets. And for those trendy bags and heavier items like makeup kits? Place them on top.

    Accessorize with Ease

    • Sunglasses, wallets, hair clips: store them neatly so they’re easy to find.
    • Travel Tip: Invest in suitcases with compartments. It'll hold everything in place, ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

    The Carry-On Essentials

    Quick note for your carry-on: ALWAYS pack the essentials. Your wallet, any crucial meds, and of course, those stylish accessories that make you, you.


    The Grand Finale: Beat My Time!

    The cherry on top? I packed in eight minutes. That's right, eight! Think you can beat my record? Let me know in the comments below. If you can pack in under eight minutes, there might just be a little surprise waiting for you!

    Till next time, lovelies, whether you’re catching a game or simply catching a break, may your travels be stress-free, stylish, and oh-so-efficient! 💋✈️

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