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  • How To Dress If You Have a Rectangle Body Shape

    May 16, 2023 7 min read

    How To Dress
    If You Have
    a Rectangle
    Body Shape

    90% of women don't know how to dress for their body shape. AND IT'S KILLING THEIR STYLE.
    In fact, most don't even know their body shape!
    This blog is here for that reason!
    Today's the day your style has a GLOW UP.
    Rectangle body shape
    If you're here, it's because you have a Rectangle Body shape.
    What's that? Imagine this - your shoulders and hips are about the same size. Your waist is not too small or too big.
    It's like being a supermodel. You're tall and slim, like them.
    Go you. 😉
    This sounds like a lot of fun, right? Because who wouldn't want to be that kind of special?
    Think catwalks, think Vogue covers. Think you.
    Because who, darling, wouldn't want to be that kind of fabulous?
    But hey, we're not only about identifying body shapes here.
    Nope, we're about embracing them...and doing it with a little flavor!
    Think of your body as a canvas, and your clothes as paint, ready to create a masterpiece.
    Call me Bob Ross.
    But you can actually do this instead of staring at the TV wondering how I'm soo talented...
    Stay tuned, because we are going to help you ROCK that body shape!

    What Your Rectangle Body Shape is...and isn't.

    Rectangle body shapes have almost equal shoulders and hips.
    Your waists aren't too big or too small.
    Balance is the name of your game.
    Some people call "rectangles" as "banana" or "straight."
    And you've likely heard those shape names, but we will use "rectangle" for this blog.
    We will get into the equation in the FAQ.
    But for now, remember you have a balanced body.
    Also, this shape is not a curse. Everyone wants an hourglass. Women get surgeries for that.
    But you can look AMAZING without destroying your body.
    Get ready for some serious fashion advice ahead!
    You haven't heard advice like this before!

    How to Dress the Rectangle Body Shape: Flattering Clothes for the Rectangle

    Famous Rectangle Body Types

    Serious style inspo alert!
    We're about to dive into the glamorous world of celebrity fashion.
    The Rectangle Body Shape celebrities!
    Ohhh yes, you're in good company!
    Here are some celebs with your body shape that POP OFF:
    • Hailey Bieber
    • Ariana Grande
    • Natalie Portman
    • Gwyneth Paltrow
    • Paris Hilton
    That's a list you can be proud of!

    (picture from getty images)

    Take the stunning Hailey Bieber–an absolute goddess–for example.
    She never disappoints with an athletic build, balanced proportions, and amazing style.
    A true rectangle body shape and turns heads like crazy!
    Another example: the radiant Natalie Portman.
    Even Chris Hemsworth agrees, we are all smitten by her.
    We hear all the time that Hourglass is the most desirable of the body shapes...
    The Rectangles of the world sure have a great rap sheet though!
    The secret: they've learned to embrace their shape and work with it, not against it.
    This is THE key to getting your style right.
    And if they can do it, so can you!
    So get ready, ladies, your rectangle body shape is about to take center stage!

    Shaping Your Style & Flattering Clothes for the Rectangle

    Those celebrities are as stunning as they come.
    And the right style will have you right there with them.
    On our way to RED CARPET worthy!
    Let's get down to business: how do you make outfits look gorgeous on your rectangle body shape?
    I know your first question is, "What should I wear?"
    So, let's get right into it!
    First, think about balance.
    Your body has natural proportions, which is a fantastic start.
    Now, the trick is to highlight your best features and show more curves.
    You're like a fashionista on a see-saw - it's all about finding that perfect equilibrium!
    You want to look for clothes that cinch at the waist to give the illusion of a more defined waistline.
    Belted dresses, high-waisted skirts, and stylish jackets, all tight around the waist.
    Those are your best friends!
    And don't forget to add some drama with ruffles, bold prints, and anything that adds a bit of volume.
    But remember, the key here is confidence.
    Trust me, when you get your body shape style right, you KNOW it!

    How to Style for a Rectangle Figure

    You can't go wrong with these:

    Nitty gritty alert!
    Specific style advice on the way:
    Again, rectangle body shapes are great! But we'll give you some tips and tricks on how to turn "great" into stunning:
    Styling for a rectangle is all about creating curves. The sections below will tell you more about how to do this. But here's the good news:
    You're already proportional so you don't have to worry about correcting anything!
    Thank goodness!
    You have a blank slate to start from!
    Congratulations (;
    Let's get started!

    Add Dimensions to Your Body Frame

    If you looked at a piece of paper, then at a paper crane, which one would be more interesting to you?
    For sure the paper crane. Why?
    That piece of paper goes from flat to 3D. Something you can hold and look at all sides and you can't stop looking!
    Dimensions are magical for a body shape like yours.

    Tops for a Rectangle Body Shape

    So, from the top!
    The goal here is to add extra volume to your figure! Wear tops with ruching, ruffles, or small details that "come off the page!"
    And don't forget the magic of a good belt – it will add some curve to your waist and break up the rectangle shape.
    If you want master belt-wearing, keep in mind colors as well.
    A dark belt can be the difference between, "She is so stunning!" and "You're such a cutie."
    There's a difference. We all know it.
    Embracing layers also adds great volume!
    Try a flowy cardigan over a fitted top.
    Or a coat/blazer cinched at the waist.
    Even throw a stylish scarf in there.
    Get creative and do what you like!
    Your basic rules are:
    3D details + layers = VOLUME!
    Oh and a pro tip: puff sleeves. puff sleeves. puff sleeves. Trust me on this. Get an A-line dress with some nice puff sleeves and you will get the perfect figure!

    Bottoms for a Rectangle Body Shape

    Time for bottoms!
    Some ignore it and wear jeans or something basic...
    But this could make or break your whole fit!
    Rule for bottoms: tight top, wide bottom!
    Straight-leg pants, flare jeans, and A-line skirts are IT.
    Tight tops and wide bottoms will create that curve we are going for.
    They hug your figure, then spread out as they come down.
    You can even get crazy with some wild colors, prints, and textures!
    You have a great figure to play around with new things!
    Pro tip: try horizontal stripes. They will widen your hips and will accent that curve!

    Shoes for a Rectangle Body Shape

    The word here is HEELS.
    One of the goals to get a great rectangle body shape style is to elongate your silhouette.
    I get it, it sounds a little counterintuitive to elongate a long frame.
    Trust me though.
    Do the other stuff we talked about, then get this one right?!
    You'll have a stunner on your hands!
    (Advice: don't knock it till you try it)

    Do's and Don'ts for Rectangle Shape

    • Do emphasize your waistline with belts, waistbands, or waist-cinching tops.
    • Do add layers to your outfits for added dimension.
    • Do wear tops with ruffles, frills, or any details that add volume.
    • Do opt for A-line or flared skirts to create curves.
    • Do choose dresses with a defined waist or wrap dresses.
    • Do experiment with different textures, colors, and patterns.
    • Do use accessories like big scarves and statement necklaces to add visual interest.
    • Do wear jackets and blazers that nip in at the waist.
    • Do feel confident in off-the-shoulder styles to show off those balanced proportions.
    • Don't hide in baggy or shapeless clothing. (please never do this)
    • Don't wear low-rise jeans or shorts.
    • Don't wear tapered legs
    • Don't shy away from tops that show off your shoulders and collarbones.
    • Don't overlook the impact of shoes. Heels can elongate your silhouette.
    • Don't wear dresses with boxy, straight styles
    • Don't underestimate what confidence does to how you look. Own your rectangle shape!

    Great style starts with your body shape. That's the truth.

    The most important thing is to wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

    Comment below what the most useful tip was, and what you are going to try!👇

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a rectangle body shape?

    A: A Rectangle Body Shape means your shoulders and hips are the same size, and your waist isn't too small or big. You're like a straight line - top to bottom!

    Q: What are some fashion tips for a rectangle body shape?

    A: Dress to show off your balanced shape! Go for clothes that cinch at the waist, like belted dresses or high-waisted skirts. Don't be shy with bold prints, too!

    Q: How can I create more curve between my upper and lower body as a rectangle body shape?

    A: Easy! Wear tops that cinch at the waist and flared bottoms. This combo will make it look like you have more curves.

    Q: Can a rectangle body shape also be a triangle body shape?

    A: Nope, each body shape is unique. Rectangle is more straight and balanced, while Triangle has wider hips than shoulders.

    Q: How can I accentuate my curves as a rectangle body shape?

    A: Highlight your waist! Wear clothes that cinch in the middle. Also, flared skirts and pants can make you look curvier.

    Q: What are some clothing choices to avoid for a rectangle body shape?

    A: Avoid clothes that hide your waist or make you look boxy. Say no to oversized, shapeless clothing. You want to show off your balance, not hide it!

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