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  • How to Dress for Spring Weather: The Ultimate Woman's Guide

    April 08, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

    How to Dress for Spring Weather:
    The Ultimate Woman's Guide

    Are you a woman trying to learn how to dress for spring weather? If yes, you should check out some of our best tips and outfit ideas here.

    When you leave for work in the morning, there's still frost on the car. By the time your lunch break rolls around, it's balmy. And when you wrap up those evening drinks with friends, your teeth are chattering again.

    Figuring out how to dress for spring isn't just about looking cute in the latest spring colors and patterns. The weather can make it difficult to look your best and stay comfortable.

    The time of transition is the perfect chance to freshen up your wardrobe and brush up on your fashion skills.

    Try these tips and ideas for pulling together a runway-worthy spring look that also keeps you comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

    Transition From Winter To Spring

    You have your winter clothing essentials in heavy rotation, but now the weather is starting to warm up. You don't have to pack away all of your winter clothes just yet. Many of your winter looks can help you transition into a full spring wardrobe.

    Think about ways to lighten up your favorite winter looks. Instead of a heavy wool sweater, swap it out with a light sweater with a larger knit. Replace your warm, chunky scarves with lightweight silk ones.

    This helps you ease into spring if you're reluctant to give up your cozy sweaters and other favorite winter outfits.

    Use Layers Wisely

    Spring and layers are a natural pair. Layering up with pieces you can take off throughout the day without ruining the look helps you deal with fluctuating temperatures.

    A leather bomber jacket or denim jacket makes the perfect topper for a lightweight spring top.

    When building your layers, think about how your outfit changes as you take off the top pieces. Will you feel comfortable taking off your cardigan or blazer if you get warm midday?

    Keep a versatile cardigan or blazer in your car or office in spring in case you find yourself in chilly weather.

    Lighten Your Fabrics

    Heavier fabrics keep the chill away during winter, but increasing temperatures in spring call for lighter fabrics for warmer weather. In addition to keeping you cooler, they look more spring-like.

    Cotton, linen, and jersey are good options. Chambray is another option, especially if you like the look of denim.

    Create A Core Wardrobe

    Having a core wardrobe gives you clothing staples that work all year. These pieces fit your signature style and work in different outfits.

    These are often timeless pieces in neutral or versatile colors. Think of them as the building blocks of your wardrobe.

    This is the perfect time of year to do spring cleaning in your closet to see what types of core pieces you already own. Look for camis, cardigans, and other versatile items you can pair with fresh spring pieces.

    Add Fun Spring Colors And Patterns

    With your neutral core wardrobe in place, you can build on the spring look with brighter colors and fun patterns.

    Coral is a popular spring color. Various shades of blue and green are also common in spring wardrobes every year.

    The Pantone fashion color forecast gives some clues about what colors you'll likely see in spring and summer clothing if you're looking for a new wardrobe. 

    Grab a few pieces in your favorite spring colors to brighten up your wardrobe.

    You might pair pastel floral printed pants with a tan sweater from your core wardrobe. Or pair tailored black cropped pants with a flowing, coral top.

    The spring pieces add those vivid pops to your wardrobe. Pairing them with core pieces gives you more mix-and-match options to keep your look fresh.

    Top Ideas

    Lightweight sweaters still work for spring looks, especially in the early spring months. Button-down tops made of lightweight fabrics offer a versatile look.

    Flowing cuts, like this Cozy and Content Sweater, are also popular for spring. They offer a breezy look that's fitting for the weather. Choose a flowing shirt that's still tailored so it doesn't look baggy or frumpy.

    Bottom Ideas

    Cropped pants fit spring wardrobes perfectly. They look fresh and springy while maintaining a professional look for the office.

    Cropped pants usually hit just above the ankle. They pair well with cute shoes, whether you prefer heels or flats.

    A midi skirt is another cute option for spring. Pair it with a sweater for a casual look.


    If you packed away your dresses for winter, now's the time to get them out. Pretty, flowy dresses give you a fun spring look.

    Maxi dresses, like this tiered maxi, provide more coverage on cooler spring days. Just beware of puddles that are common during those months.

    A knee-length dress with a flowing skirt offers a versatile look for spring.

    If it's still a little chilly, slip a cardigan or blazer over your dress. You can also layer them with leggings to keep your lower body warm.

    Spring Outerwear

    Outerwear options ensure you're always ready for breezy spring days.

    Trade your winter parka for a lighter, tailored jacket for spring. A neutral jacket can help tone down your bright spring pieces if you want to ease into a more colorful wardrobe.

    A cute rainjacket is also a good accessory to have. Pair it with stylish rain boots, so you stay dry when you need to head out during a rainstorm. 


    Spring-friendly accessories round out your look for warmer weather.

    Close-toed shoes are the standard until later in spring. Ballet flats, cute sneakers, and loafers keep you casual and comfortable.

    Booties also work well for both casual and dressy looks. They're a transition from the warm boots you wore in the winter to the cool open-toed shoes of summer.

    Scarves still work well in spring but choose lightweight fabrics so you stay cool.

    Learn How To Dress For Spring In Style

    If you're stuck on how to dress for spring when you're in winter mode, these tips will help you transition your look. Sticking with layers and switching over the look of fabrics and patterns helps you nail a polished and comfortable spring look.

    Does your wardrobe need some new pieces for spring? Shop our Spring collection now.

    1 Response

    Rachel Denhalter
    Rachel Denhalter

    March 24, 2020

    This is so helpful!! I feel like the spring wardrobe transition is a struggle every year, lol.

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