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  • How Colors Influence You

    April 27, 2022 3 min read

    Colors have a big impact on your mood

    How Colors Influence You

    Every day you are surrounded by colors that are influencing you in many different ways. Colors can affect your mood, attitude, and behavior. So, it is essential to take the time to consciously select which colors you want to be associating with more often.

    women with colorful dresses

    Why is it important to understand how each color affects you?

    Understanding & Implementing

    Colors have a powerful influence on behavior, moods, and feelings. Knowing the way color will influence you will help you to understand your feelings and mood better.

    Choose colors that influence you positively.

    Focus on your environment, including your room, your workspace, and anywhere else where you spend a lot of time.

    Select clothing colors that will also evoke positive emotions and feelings.

    You can change the way you feel if you intentionally use the colors that improve your mood.

    Lets Breakdown Colors

    Starting with the basics, we are going to dive deep into each color to understand more specifically how it directly impacts mood.

    White: The color white is bright and light and can create a sense of space. White is associated with a lot of positive meanings: cleanliness, simpleness, and purity.

    Black: Black is unique because it isn't considered to be a color. With that being said, many see black as attractive, elegant, and sophisticated. It is also strongly associated with power. On the other hand, it can evoke strong feelings of sadness, fear, and aggression.

    Red: Out of all the colors red takes the lead for provoking the strongest emotions. The emotions connected with red are passion, love, power, and anger. It instantly grabs people's attention.

    Orange: The color orange is seen as an energetic color. It is viewed as bright, happy, and playful.

    Yellow: Yellow is a very bright and intense color. When the color is overused it can cause visual fatigue. It is very bright, warm, and associated with energy and cheerfulness. In contrast, it also causes feelings of irritation and frustration.

    Green: Many people associate green with nature, making it a very refreshing color. It is defined as safety, luck, and envy. Multiple studies have shown that green inspires creativity.

    Blue: The color blue is viewed as calm and serene. Other positive emotions associated with blue are stability, and productivity. A few negative emotions blue creates is sadness and loneliness.

    Purple: Purple is oftentimes viewed as mysterious, imaginative, and exotic.

    Oftentimes, your feelings toward colors can be directly related to your personal experiences or culture. You may feel differently toward a color than specified above, because many times your feelings come from past experiences that you have had.

    Alisha Merrill

    Alisha is the owner, and founder, of Bella Ella Boutique. She started Bella Ella in 2010 as a way to provide for her family. Since then Bella Ella has grown into a national online retailer, and the company provides for not only her family, but for the families of over 30 other women that are part of the Bella Ella work family.

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