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  • The (Second) Ultimate Guide to Hourglass Body Shape Styles

    July 27, 2023 3 min read

    Welcome to the ultimate style guide for all my hourglass queens out there! This blog will offer you a deep dive into all the tips and tricks to enhance your natural curves so that you can feel confident, professional, and love the skin you're in. Let's dive into every angle of dressing an hourglass body shape.

    (Watch the video on Youtube below)

    Understanding the Hourglass Body Shape

    An hourglass figure typically has three defining points: shoulders, waist, and hips. Those with this body shape usually have a normal shoulder width, a full bust, a defined waist, and wider hips, hence the term 'hourglass'. Some might think of this as the ideal body shape, but regardless, it's all about knowing how to dress for your figure, whether you want to tone your curves down a little or really make them pop.

    Fashion Don'ts for Hourglass Bodies

    Before we dive into what to wear, let's talk about what not to wear. It's common for hourglass figures to shy away from their natural curves, especially in more professional settings. Often, women with this body type may opt for oversized, baggy clothing. While it may be in style, this can result in a boxy look, hiding your shape instead of enhancing it.

    High necklines and heavy prints or ruffles around the chest area are also a no-go. These styles can close off your body, hiding your beautiful curves, and adding unnecessary emphasis to wider areas. Remember, we don't want to lose those curves; we want to celebrate them!

    Fashion Do's for Hourglass Figures

    Now onto the fun part, what to wear! When you have an hourglass figure, you generally have balanced proportions in your shoulders, hips, and waist, which means you can pull off most styles. Here are some things that are particularly flattering.

    Highlight with Necklines

    V-necklines and deep V dresses are your best friends. They add shape and emphasize your waist, making them really flattering for your body type.

    The Perfect Pants

    A true straight leg pant or trouser looks great on an hourglass figure. This style is more fitted around your waist and hips, then tapers down into a tailored fit, complementing your curves.

    Emphasize Your Waist

    One of the highlights of an hourglass body is usually the waist. You can emphasize this with waist ties, belts, high waisted pants, and even wrap dresses.

    Striking a Balance

    The trick to dressing an hourglass body is finding the perfect balance between too tight and too baggy. Your clothes should look like they were made for your body. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé master this art. They often show off their figure subtly with fitted clothes, waist emphasis, and balance in proportions.

    Dress Like a Curvy Goddess

    To look like the curvy goddess that you are, find clothes that are tailored to your body type. You don't want anything super oversized where you'll lose your shape, and you also don't want anything too tight. A relaxed fit that highlights your shoulders, tapers in the waist, and also slightly through the hips is what you want to aim for.

    The biggest tip I can give you is this: your clothes should highlight your best features. Whether it's pants, a dress, or anything else, use a belt or tie to accentuate your waist and highlight your curves.

    Conclusion - Wrapping Up

    I hope these tips and tricks for dressing an hourglass body shape have given you some inspiration. Once you put on an outfit that really shows off your curves, don't forget to celebrate your body! If you have any questions or want more personalized style help, feel free to reach out. Remember, confidence is your best accessory. Happy styling, queens!

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