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  • Grace's Story | Tough As A Mother

    May 01, 2021 4 min read

    Alisha Merrill is the owner of Bella Ella Boutique and a mother of 3. In this video, Alisha shares the touching story of her sweet angel baby, Grace.

    Video Transcript

    I'm Alisha, the owner of Bella Ella Boutique, and we are having a Mother's Day Campaign where we celebrate mothers and all the struggles that we've been through. We wanted to share the stories of women going through hard things, and I was going to share my story as well.

    We have 3 beautiful children. We have Aspen who's 11-years-old. We have a baby, that we had six and a half years ago that passed away. Her name is Grace. And we have an 11-month-old baby boy named Jax.

    From the beginning of our relationship, Steve and I knew that we wanted to have a big family, and so we, right off the bat, decided to have a baby. We got pregnant pretty easily with our daughter, Aspen. Our pregnancy went pretty well from the beginning. I worked full-time and we were pretty active.

    Within about four and a half months, I started having some health issues with being pregnant. And we ended up going into a hospital, because I was really sick with a kidney infection. When we got to the hospital, they decided to keep us there for a couple weeks. Things got pretty bad, where I was in a drug-induced coma for about 2 weeks with Aspen.

    At about two and half weeks after we got out of the hospital, I was back to normal. We had a good pregnancy for the rest of the pregnancy. When we had her, it was a surprise, actually, in St. George (Utah) on a trip that we had. Everything went really well. We were super excited to be parents. Everything ended up perfectly.

    After a couple years we decided that we'd like to get pregnant again. We tried for a couple months, and we were unsuccessful. And then finally, we were able to have another -- to get pregnant with another baby.

    Right from the beginning, we knew this pregnancy was a little bit different. I was sick the whole entire pregnancy, which I wasn't with the past pregnancy the whole entire time. I would throw up about 15 to 18 times a day. Many times I wouldn't get out of the bed. And I would go to doctor appointments to ask what we could do to make me feel a little bit better and make sure that the baby was healthy. The doctor would suggest not to take any medicine and, if I could, just keep going on going along with the pregnancy.

    It eventually got so bad that we decided to go to the hospital one day. I was about four and a half to five months pregnant. When we got to the hospital, they let me know that I was very, very sick, and that I would probably not be leaving the hospital any time soon.

    While we were in the hospital, we found out that I had pre-eclampsia, that my body did not like being pregnant once again and that we would be having our daughter in the next couple of days. As you can imagine, that was a really scary thought, because we knew that the odds were she was not going to make it alive. From that point on, as a couple, Steve and I just decided to figure out what we wanted out of the situation and really look at the big picture of what we were going through.

    So a few days later, our sweet baby Grace was born. When she was born, Steve and I were in the hospital and we spent every single second we could with her, cuddled her, loved her, and really just enjoyed the time with her while she was here on this earth. And she quickly passed away.

    Now six and a half years later, it's a lot easier to see the big perspective, and to see that we were gaining a beautiful angel baby that would be with us always. Instead of looking at it as we were losing something, I look back now and I'm so grateful that we went through that trial. Even though it was the hardest thing that we ever endured in this life. I really look back and feel so grateful that we have her as part of our family.

    Anyone that is going through any hardships or situations, I will always be there for you guys.

    If I had any advice for anyone going through big trials in their life, it would be to remember the bigger perspective and that things do get easier. Give yourself a little bit of grace, and to let those in around you that care for you and want to help you. And things will get easier. I promise they will.

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