November 11, 2016 1 min read

Jordin’s Story

“A few months ago our sweet sister, daughter, wife, mother and friend Jordin Ragland was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 24.
This came as a shock to her and their young family. After all of the countless tests and procedures, and sending her case to Stanford and the Huntsman Cancer Center, Doctors have not been
able to find many answers. They can’t seem to find where the cancer is sourcing from, making it difficult to figure out the best treatment. Jordin was diagnosed stage 4 cancer with little hope she will ever be cancer free.”

Jordins family decided to set up a Go Fund Me account in hopes to relieve the financial burden that has so suddenly been placed on their shoulders. Instead of just trying to help out Jordin’s family financially, we knew the steps to recovery would involve much more than just medical bills. As a women’s clothing boutique, with the goal of wanting every woman to feel beautiful, we decided to help in a different way. We decided to donate multiple outfits to Jordin in hopes that she can still feel herself as she is going through this difficult time.

Bella Ella Boutique gives back and empowers woman to feel beautiful

We hope that our small part can help make a big impact on Jordin and her family’s life. Here is the link to Jordins Go Fund Me page. We hope we can all help to make a small difference in this family’s life.

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