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Engagement Ring Styles

July 19, 2022 2 min read

I have to pick just ONE engagement ring?!

Growing up I loved looking at engagement rings and making a little wedding folder on pinterest with my favorite rings, colors, dresses, etc...

It was so fun to dream about getting engaged and wondering how my future boyfriend would propose.

I am in a serious relationship and we are talking about our next step...

Getting engaged.

I am so excited about this next step in our relationship but that means I now have to pick a ring.

ONE ring

I won't be able to have every option that I like, I will have to choose ONE to wear for the rest of my life.

How am I supposed to pick just one with all the options that are out there!

What if I pick one and regret it?!


So many questions and concerns.

Well, if you are feeling the same way that I am I wrote a blog to try and help us figure out what we want.

I looked at each cut that is popular and found 5 variations, in this order.

    - Traditional and elegant

    - Stylish and Outgoing

    - Outdoorsy and nature loving

    - Romantic and timeless

    - Modern and contemporary

Emerald Cut




Princess Cut

Marquise Cut

Asscher Cut

Pear Cut

After looking at the different styles in the different cuts it really helped me realize that I like the simple stand alone diamond. I also like the pear cut, round, and oval. I also realized that I want a smaller diamond.

I hope this also helps you narrow down the ring pool so you can have your dream engagement ring!

Comment the style and cut of your engagement ring below!

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