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  • Embarrassing Stories: Back to School Edition

    August 16, 2018 3 min read

    School can be a terrifying place. Between trying not to get lost and hoping you'll know at least one person in your classes-it's a lot to handle. But it's also where most of our embarrassing (and admittedly funny) stories take place. So with another school year starting back up, we thought we'd celebrate by sharing some of our favorite embarrassing school moments! And boy, do we have some good stories for y'all!

    "In fourth grade my class made it into the chapionship kickball game. It was students against teachers and staff with everyone else watching and cheering. I played kickball everyday, so everyone was expecting me to win the game for them. I was finally up to kick and I hit the ball as hard as I could. I ended up kicking the ball directly at my principal's face. The impact not only gave her a bloody nose, but it knocked her out. People were screaming and running to get a first aid kit and I didn't know what to do so I ended up just sitting on the field and crying while the teachers tried to help the principal."

    "When I was in second grade, I had this awesome teacher Mrs. Byrd. As a fun activity for the class she had us decorate manila envelopes that we would then put our homework into. Mrs. Byrd was smart and laminated all of our folders, knowing that kids were messy. A few days after we got our folders back, I called my dad to pick me up from school because I wasn't feeling well. As I was walking to the door, folder in hand, my lunch made a reappearance in an un-appetizing form. I immediately started crying because 1) I was humiliated, 2) I felt terrible that I ruined Mrs. Byrd's classroom floor, and 3) I didn't understand the concept of lamination and thought that I had ruined my folder forever."

    "So I went to Catholic school for elementary school. It was the middle of my first grade year and the class was split up into groups. We would just go from area to area either finding books in the reading nook or playing blocks on the carpet. It was my groups turn to play house in this fake kitchen in the classroom. Well, we had uniforms and my family had bought mine a little bigger so I wouldn't outgrow it immediately. As we are playing my pants fall down. At that exact moment, one of the nuns came to check on us and instead got an eyeful of me standing there pantless. I was convinced I was going to get explelled for mooning a nun!"

    "We had to write a short story in third grade. I was reading Ella Enchanted at the time and pretty much just rewrote that plot. I was Ella and had to follow commands. I somehow incorporated my crushes, Keegan and Wesley into the story too. Unbeknownst to me, the teacher (this bull dog of a lady) read my story aloud to the class. I turned so red but the teacher wouldn't stop reading-meanwhile Keegan and Wesley are sitting in the class just listening to my story confess how much I liked them. I cried the whole way home and my mom actually saved the story in my childhood journal for a while. But luckily I found it and now all evidence has been destroyed!"

    Memories, right people? Luckily we can all look back and laugh at the situations now. What embarrassing or funny school stories do y'all remember? Share them below in the comments for a chance to win our back to school giveaway (now closed)! Or just share it below to give us all a laugh before the stress of school kicks back in!


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    Anastasia E. Allen

    Previously a makeup artist, Anastasia is Bella Ella Boutique’s beauty blogger. She has a passion for writing and is currently finishing her first book of poetry. In her free time she drives around Utah with her dog, Atticus, looking for murals and coffee shops.

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