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  • 10 Lazy Outfit Ideas - Tips For Cute & Comfy Outfits | Bella Ella

    April 08, 2022 5 min read

    10 Lazy Outfit Ideas - Tips For Cute & Comfy Outfits

    by Alisha Merrill

    Alisha is the owner, and founder, of Bella Ella Boutique. She started Bella Ella in 2010 as a way to provide for her family. Since then Bella Ella has grown into a national online retailer, and the company provides for not only her family, but for the families of over 30 other women that are part of the Bella Ella work family.

    by Alisha Merrill

    If you’re like me at all, you’d probably rather stay in bed than spend time picking out an outfit every morning. I’ll choose my old beat up Converse sneakers over a pair of heels any day. I may be lazy, but I still know the power of a great outfit, and I love to look and feel my best! Here are a couple easy outfit tips and tricks that keep me looking stylish, while letting me sleep in a little bit longer every morning.

    #1 Sweatpants & Joggers

    The holy grail of all lazy outfits: sweatpants. If lazy outfits are where things are going, sweatpants and joggers are the vehicle to get you there. Match these with any top you want.

    #2 Hoodies

    Similar to the sweatpants move, hoodies are your next go-to. But it is easy to get too baggy when dressing down. You'll want to find that goldilocks zone of lazy comfort and appeal.

    #3 Biker Shorts

    If you want a more athletic type of lazy outfit, biker shorts are the way to go. Wearing something tighter, yet comfortable will take away more of the "slouchy" feeling you can get with dressing down.

    Sometimes biker shorts like these have "anti-cellulite" fabric that hide any unwanted looks that can come with tight clothing normally.

    #4 Graphic Tee

    Again with a classic! You cannot go wrong with a good ol' graphic tee. Keep it super simple with a graphic that you like or with messages you suport.

    You can always double up on the way you wear these shirts too. Tie them in a knot at the bottom and make for a cute crop-top or just wear them outright. The choice is yours.

    #5 Jeans

    Not feeling completely lazy? Jeans are the good lazy or go-between style. Truly the wildcard of style, jeans are even good for a lazy day. Just throw them on with a t-shirt or any sweater and you are owning the lazy game.

    Here are a bunch of ideas on what jeans are in style right now.

    #6 Cropped Tank Top

    A cropped tank can easily be your go-to for looking good and feeling super comfortable. Try pairing your favorite cropped tank top with joggers or leggings to give a complete comfy look. Put on a cardigan for a three-piece laziness masterpiece.

    #7 Workout Set

    Sometimes it is just best to look like you aren't being lazy and feel like you are. Workout sets are the best way to do this. Look good and feel good. That's the name of this game. Wear your workout set with your favorite pair of sneakers and baseball hat.

    #8 T-shirt Dress

    The dress up when you're really dressing down classic. The T-shirt Dress is the best way to keep the lazy feeling real and the dressing up look simple.

    Pair your t-shirt dress with a baseball cap, some simple jewelry, and your favorite sneakers.

    If t-shirt dresses are too lazy, check out these dresses!

    #9 Cardigan

    A cardigan is a great way to stay warm, comfortable, and fashionable. The cardigan is the triple threat we all need in our lives. Pair your cardigan most of the suggestions above. They are great with any jeans, t-shirt, t-shirt dress, or anything else you need another piece to complete your lazy loo

    #10 Big Coat

    It is time to remove the myth that warm comfort can only happen in sweats. Big coats can give you the warmth you need over any comfortable outfit. A coat can add a needed third piece that will make your fit pop.

    Basic Style Tips for Lazy Outfits

    1. Comfort is key.

    Wear pieces that you feel comfortable in! You know that top that you constantly have to adjust throughout the day? Those jeans that never want to stay up? Cut those items out of your closet, and swap them out for pieces that fit well and work with your daily schedule.

    2. Invest in basics.

    Black leggings, white t-shirts, comfy cardigans…stock up on the pieces that you can easily pair with the rest of your wardrobe. You can spend more time under the covers than in your closet in the mornings if you have a bunch of super versatile pieces that go with anything!

    3. Express yourself with statement pieces.

    Pair basic pieces together, and spice up your outfit with fun statement pieces. Add some fun accessories that you absolutely love to show off your unique style! One of my favorite style rules is the rule of three. Every outfit should have two foundation pieces (like a top and some jeans) and then a third piece to tie it all together. Try to add an element of surprise in every outfit! A pair of crazy earrings or a colorful scarf can turn a really simple outfit into a total head-turner!

    4. Nail down a beauty routine.

    Take care of yourself! Having healthy skin, hair, and nails makes any beauty routine a million times easier. Establish a consistent beauty routine to make things go smoothly when getting ready in the mornings.

    5. Be yourself!

    Lazy girl style is all about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing, so make sure that you can express who you are through your clothes! If you have a graphic tee that is your absolute favorite, or a pair of sneakers that you’ll never be able to get rid of, work those things into your daily wardrobe! These easy outfit ideas help you to feel your best in your clothes and let you show off the girl wearing them!

    Shop our favorites here!

    Which tip is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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