January 01, 2021 2 min read

Gym still closed? No need to worry! We've put together this compilation of the best guided workouts so you can get your sweat on from the comfort of your own home. From beginner workouts, full body toning, we've got you covered.

Full Body

If you're new to guided workouts, this is the video for you! Pamela Reif is one of the most popular workout coaches on the web, and with her help, you're sure to feel great.


Who says you have to pay for a gym membership to do a killer HIIT workout?! HIIT can be pretty intense, but Natacha Oceane does a great job at encouraging and pushing you through the tough parts. If you're wanting to sweat, you're gonna love this.

Abs + Booty

In this video, MadFit does a great job guiding you through a killer toning workout. If you're looking to tighten up and tone, this video is the right pick!


If cardio isn't your thing, try out this at-home yoga flow. While yoga may be slower paced, that doesn't mean it's any less of a workout! Follow this to feel relaxed and energized!


Now that you've picked out your workout, It's time to pick out your outfit!

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Workout Playlist

To top it all off, we curated this workout playlist just for you! Whether you're working out at home, going for a run, or at the gym, this playlist is sure to pump you up.

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