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  • Ultimate Dress Length Guide: Mini, Maxi, and More

    August 16, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment

    What's the difference between a midi dress, knee length dress, or maxi dress?

    On top of that, whats the appropriate time and place to wear that length?

    That's the question that has 90% of women scratching their heads!

    Does the length really matter that much?

    Let me answer that question with this... imagine one day you decided to wear a mini dress to attend wedding. You show up and not only are you the ONLY one in a mini dress, but its windy! Girl, that is just not a good combination! Now wouldn't a maxi dress come in handy at a time like this.

    Luckily I got your back and I am here to help you!

    With all of the dress lengths and styles available, it can be confusing to keep track of which term goes with each length. Knowing and understanding dress terms can be helpful, especially when dress shopping online.

    So i've given you the top 5 most common dress lengths, how to style them, and the best occasions you would wear them!

    Mini Length Dresses

    Mini dresses are the ones that scream, “She’s got legs and she knows how to use them!"

    They usually are around midthigh in length. They are fun for lots of occasions like a girls night out, dancing, a dinner date, and more! BUT it's important to note that they may not be appropriate for all occasions haha! Like maybe if you are going to meet your boyfriends family, maybe a midlength or maxi dress is a safer choice!

    I got your back girl!

    Mini length dresses can be worn all year but most popular in the summer to cool down! If your wanting to wear in the cooler months maybe you would add a cute jacket for some layers and ankle boots. Even adding neutral colored tights would be perfect. For warmer months I would opt for a fun summer color like pink or yellow!

    Knee Length Dresses

    I think you could guess by the name that this length hits right around the knees!

    Knee length dresses give you a perfect combo of cute and fun but also can add a professional element.

    Knee length dresses can be worn at anytime. You could keep it casual and add a denim jacket with sneakers or you could dress it up with some heels and gold jewelry.

    This type of dress is perfect to wear as a bridesmaid dress, a church event, a cute picnic in the summer, a get together with family or friends, and a dinner night out!

    Midi Length Dresses

    Midi dresses usually lands right at shin length between your ankles and your knees.

    If you're a taller person, the dress will likely land a little higher. If you're on the shorter side, expect the dress to be a tad longer. That also goes with any dress you get!

    These dresses can come in all sorts of styles like an off the shoulder style, or a slit in one of the legs, or they come in a more modest style like the one shown in the picture!

    I would style this dress with a cute sandel or heel. Also adding a simple handbag with some gold jewelry!

    Now what occasions is the midi length dress good for? Lots! Its perfect for attending a wedding, a lunch/dinner date, family pictures, or just a casual day in the life!

    Maxi Length Dresses

    A maxi dress is ALWAYS a good idea in my opinion! Maxi dresses usually hit right around the ankle.

    They might just be the most popular type of dress in our dress length guide!

    Maxi dresses are so fun to wear! You can style them in so many different ways. On a casual side I would wear a cute sandle and keep it simple with some little jewelry. Also in the colder months you could add a cute long sleeve shirt underneath or you could just add a jacket on top! They can be worn all year long!

    These dresses can be worn to any event from weddings to the beach to the office. The options are endless! I love wearing a flowy maxi dress to the beach over my swimming suit or when im going out to dinner with my friends!

    Floor Length Dresses

    Floor-length dresses are just as it sounds. The dress is usually down to the floor covering up your shoes (so maybe you can get away with wearing those comfy slippers haha!).

    I would save a floor length dress for a more special occasion! These types of dresses would pair perfectly with a cute simple handbag, some fancy elegant jewelry, and a slicked back look with you hair is one of my favs!

    I would wear a floor-length dress to an event like a wedding as a wedding guest, a fancy dinner night out, or some kind of work meeting or event!

    Now that you know how to style these different types of dresses, you're ready to dress to impress for any occasion. Start your dress journey by checking out boutique dresses that fit your style and the impression you want to make at the office, at your friend's wedding, or just at a casual Saturday outing. Whatever the occasion, there's a dress out there waiting for you!

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    March 04, 2020

    Thank you for this wonderful blog about different short dresses.

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