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  • Capsule Wardrobes for College Students

    August 12, 2019 5 min read

    Moving out for college can be daunting! There are so many things to pack, and most dorm rooms don't have enough space to fit an entire wardrobe. If you've found yourself stressing over what clothing to pack, or if you're hoping to downsize to one suitcase, this is the blog post for you! Now is the perfect time to experiment with a capsule wardrobe. By reflecting on your personal style, choosing a few clothing pieces that you love, and investing in high-quality basics, you can feel more confident than ever... and with less clothing pieces than you think! This post will show you how to curate a capsule wardrobe for your next semester of college!

    What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

    The concept of a capsule wardrobe was first dreamt up in the 70s by a boutique owner named Susie Faux. Since then, the idea of a minimalist wardrobe has taken over the internet! The idea is to select a limited amount of pieces that can be worn again and again throughout an entire season. It's important to choose clothing that you love, because you will be wearing the same pieces frequently.

    By minimizing your wardrobe, you can simplify your morning routine, find new ways to express yourself, and of course, pack lighter for your upcoming college semester!

    Before You Begin:

    • Clean out your closet: Now is the perfect time to eliminate all of the clothes that you aren't wearing anymore. Donate them, sell them, or box them up until they're in season again.
    • Think about your favorite outfits: What is it about these outfits that makes them so great? Are they flattering? Are there particular colors or materials that you love? Write all of this down!
    • Have some fun: This time is just for you! Make sure to listen to music, throw on a movie, or do something to make this time even more fun!

    Evaluate Your Needs:

    • Weather Report: Research the weather trends for the city that you will call home this semester. For example, if you're moving to a cold city, you'll want to invest in a coat and other winter clothing.
    • Daily Life: Consider activities or commitments that require a specific dress code. You might need business casual outfits for a job, workout clothes for a sport, or hiking boots for an outdoor club activity.
    • Comfort Calls: Don't forget about pajamas, loungewear, or that one oversized sweater that reminds you of home!


    • The Magic Number: Aim for around 30 pieces total, excluding intimates, pajamas, accessories, and activewear. However, if you find yourself packing an excessive amount of workout clothing or loungewear, include them in your overall count.
    • Color Me Confident: This is the fun part! Create a color scheme for your capsule wardrobe. Take your skin tone, the season, and practicality into account. We recommend starting with a base color of black or gray. Neutrals and denim are very popular in the minimalistic fashion community. Don't be afraid to add a bright pop of color!
    • Treat Yourself: You should always aim to make use of the clothing that you already own, but if you find yourself missing a key piece or needing to replace something, invest in high-quality pieces that will last you the entire semester!


    • So Worth It: The process of curating a capsule wardrobe can be tiring, but just think about all the time and money you will save in the long run! Hang in there, girl. You're almost there!
    • Stay True to You: The best part about this process is creating the perfect wardrobe for you. Make sure that you choose pieces that make you feel confident and unique! You don't have to recreate someone else's capsule wardrobe or get rid of your favorite pieces in order to "get it right". This is all about you!

    Example Wardrobe:

    This 30-piece capsule wardrobe is for the fall-winter season. The color scheme is black, white, gray, and blush pink.

    With just 30 pieces, there are countless outfits to be created and styled!

    Other items in the wardrobe excluded from the total count: 7 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of black tights, 1 hair beret, 1 gray beanie, 2 pairs of pajamas, 1 push-up bra, 2 bralettes, 1 sports bra, 10 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of workout leggings, 1 pair of biker shorts, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pairs of silver earrings, 1 pair of gold earrings, 1 silver necklace, 1 gold necklace, 1 charm bracelet, 2 scrunchies.

    Now it's Your Turn!

    We hope this post has inspired you to create your own capsule wardrobe! Which colors are you going to choose for your capsule wardrobe color palette? Let us know in the comments down below!


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    Holland Haycock

    Holland is a full-time fashion writer who is passionate about art, music, and female empowerment. She plans on earning her doctorate's degree and becoming a college professor. In her free time, she loves writing songs and visiting museums. Her fashion philosophy is pink on pink on pink.

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