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  • Bella Ella Size Guide

    August 10, 2022 3 min read 2 Comments

    Literally, Crushed...

    Receiving a package is like a small taste of Christmas.

    I love ordering things online because I get the rush of dopamine from buying it,

    then another rush from receiving it 5-7 business days later.

    But since every clothing store does their sizing differently I sometimes get things in the wrong size.

    It is so disappointing.

    I have been picturing myself in whatever I bought and hyping myself up!

    So, when I put it on and it doesn't match the picture in my head all that happiness disappears.

    All that happiness from anticipation is crushed,

    like a grape.


    When you receive a Bella Ella package we want that happiness to increase.

    So, I am going to show you how we size our clothes so this tragedy doesn't happen to you.

    *Helpful hint: Let's say you are buying a dress and you don't want to measure your body. Take a dress out of your closet that you like the fit on you and measure that. The same can be done with shirts, skirts, and pants.*

    Dresses, Tops, & Bottoms

    If you measure a shirt or dress, lay it down flat measure from armpit to armpit, and double that number.

    The length of an item is measured from the highest point to the very bottom. Usually starts right where the shoulder and the neck area and then straight down.

    Sleeve Length:
    The sleeve length is measured from where the seam of the sleeve starts down to the end of the sleeve. We do not include the shoulder in our sleeve length measurements. If there is no seam then you can hold the item of clothing up to your body and find where the shoulder ends and start the measurement there.

    Usually, on dresses, the waist is already defined by a tie, cinch, or design. If it is defined by something make sure the item is laying flat and measure from side to side and double it. If the waist is not defined by something then find the smallest part or go 5-6 inches down from the bust and measure there. If you are measuring pants the waist is the top of the pants, that is where you measure.

    The hip is the widest part of the dress, pants, or skirt. But sometimes dresses are the widest at the bottom, which is not where your hips are... If you can't find the hip then go 5-6 inches down from the waist because the waist is in the middle of the hips and bust. Measure side to side and double.

    *When measuring an item of clothing make sure that when you lay it flat you aren't stretching the material so you can get an accurate measurement.

    Measuring Yourself

    Knowing how we measure can only get you so far. Here is how to measure your body.

    In order to get a waist measurement, you’ll need to wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist just below the belly button.

    To get an accurate hip measurement, you'll need to wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips.

    To get a bust measurement that fits our measuring methods, you’ll need to wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure to keep the tape measure placed close under your arms for the most accurate measurement!

    After finding your measurements, head over to the item and click on the "sizing" tab (below are some of our top sellers).
    This is where you can see our different sizes.
    If you tend to like a tighter or looser fit you can adjust your measurements as desired.
    We hope this size guide helped!
    If you have any other questions you can reach out to our customer service team.
    Can't wait for you to confidently purchase an item and not have to wonder if it will be the correct size.


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    2 Responses


    June 25, 2021

    All dresses are gorgeous! I’m in love with the light my fire lace overlay maxi I’ve been looking for this same type of dress forever! I’m just sad the sizing ends at xl! Had a baby can’t lose the weight! I wanted to buy the dark teal in an xl and hope I can get into it! But then I saw there’s no stretch to the fabric, is there any give at all? Also
    I’m now heartbroken because your out of it in xl! Do u know if it will be in stock anytime soon? I have a wedding July 10th, do u restock? Anyway all your dresses are beautiful and I will be watching this site until there’s an xl in teal have to have it! Wish there was black I’d buy both!!


    July 25, 2019

    Super cute dress

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