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  • Embracing Barbie Core: Your Guide to Barbie Outfits

    July 31, 2023 3 min read

    Life in plastic, it's fantastic! There's no denying that Barbie has played a significant role in shaping our childhoods. As we delve into the world of Barbie Core today, we're going to embrace the girly, pink, and, of course, plastic fabulousness that defined our youth. From outfit ideas to fun facts about Barbie, there's a lot of pink-tastic stuff to unpack. Let's jump into the magical world of Barbie Core.

    (Watch the video on Youtube below)

    (picture from Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong)

    Barbie: More Than Just a Doll

    Barbie has grown over the past 60 years, boasting more than 176 dolls, nine different body types, over 35 skin tones, and a mind-blowing 94 hairstyles. This astonishing diversity reflects how the iconic doll has evolved with time. One interesting tidbit is that the most expensive Barbie ever sold was the Diamond Barbie, sold for a jaw-dropping $302,000! So, whether you own a classic blonde Barbie or the rare Diamond Barbie, it's time to channel that energy into your wardrobe.

    Barbie Core: Celebrate Your Inner Child

    Barbie Core is not just about embracing pink, but also celebrating your inner child. It's about creating outfits that are fun, bold, and girly, much like Barbie's own wardrobe. And, of course, a lot of it revolves around pink – a color that's loud, fun, and reminiscent of our childhoods. So, let's dive into some outfit ideas that will make you feel like the special, dazzling Diamond Barbie you are!

    Outfit No. 1: Barbie Goes Out

    Let's start with an outfit perfect for a night out at a bar or club. Our going-out Barbie outfit is all about fun and flirty vibes. The key pieces here are a tube top style jumpsuit with the iconic Barbie B, a pink blazer with fur detail sleeves for that extra fun vibe, and comfortable pointed toe shoes for those long nights of dancing. And let's not forget about those pink rhinestone hoops and a quirky pink denim bag with fringe detail to complete the look.

    Outfit No. 2: Formal Barbie

    Next, let's dive into a look fit for a gala, dinner, or an exquisite date with Ken. We're talking about an off-shoulder body fitted dress with dramatic sleeves that turn into a flowy cut from the hip downwards, elegantly revealing a thigh-high slit. Paired with pointed toe heels with a big tulle bow and diamond-like drop earrings, this look screams Barbie sophistication.

    Outfit No. 3: Everyday Barbie

    The everyday Barbie look is all about combining casual and pink. Imagine a pair of pink cargo pants paired with a classic cap sleeve top with a square neckline. Paired with chunky white sneakers, pink glittery hoops, and a heart-shaped satchel adorned with rhinestones, this look is perfect for school, errands, or a casual day out with friends.

    Outfit No. 4: Western Barbie

    Who said Barbie can't rock the cowboy look? Embrace a pink denim jumpsuit with ruffle details on the sleeves and waist cutouts, paired with sparkly cowboy boots for that extra pizzazz. Add a star belt, a classic Barbie polka-dotted necktie, and star earrings, and you're ready to rock that rodeo or country concert!

    Outfit No. 5: Working Barbie

    Lastly, let's honor the working Barbie, who's had over 200 careers over the years. For this look, we're thinking pink leather pants, a modern vested button-up shirt, and pink-heeled mules with fringe details. Accessorize with a floral necktie, pink and gold drop earrings, and of course, a cute pink mug for your morning caffeine fix.

    Conclusion: Embrace Your BarbieCore

    So, whether you're heading to the club, the office, or just running errands, there's a Barbie Core outfit ready to make you shine. Remember, fashion should be fun, and there's no better way to celebrate that than by channeling your inner Barbie. So, put together your best pink look and embrace the fabulousness that is Barbie Core. Don't forget to share your Barbie Core outfits with us on Instagram. Let's paint the world pink, one outfit at a time!

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