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  • Spring Fashion: A Beginner's Guide to Wearing Yellow This Season

    April 16, 2018 4 min read 1 Comment

    Yellow is a terrifying concept. Sure, it’s cheerful and brings a little ray of sunshine to our hearts when we see it on a sunflower, a phone case, or maybe even a Minion. But those warm, fuzzy feelings tend to fly out of the window when it comes to thinking about how to incorporate yellow into your closet for spring. It’s an awesome idea to get your spring clothes into the sunny season with the sunniest color, but it’s also a little scary. We’re here to help you conquer your fear and make your wardrobe a little brighter for spring. We'll start with incorporating simple pieces into an outfit, we'll play with patterns, and then we'll work our way up to embracing all the fun yellow has to offer.

    yellow spring dress from bella ella boutique
    yellow spring dress from free people
    yellow spring skirt from forever 21

    Find Your Shade

    First off, you’ll want to tackle the task of figuring out which shade of yellow looks best on you. While not all shades are for everyone, there is at least one for you. Find it by perusing stores (brick and mortar as well as online) to see not only what shades are good for your skin tone, but also which shades actually bring you that happiness yellow is supposed to bring. You want to be able to throw on your yellow piece without a second thought. Remember, half the battle of rocking any outfit--no matter the color--is the confidence you wear with it. It’s the main accessory. If you don’t feel good in an outfit, it will show.

    yellow spring shoes from forever 21
    golden spring necklace and accessories from Bella Ella Boutique
    yellow spring sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

    Start Simple

    Once you’ve found your shade, you’ll want to figure out how you’re going to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Maybe you’re not ready to fully commit to a yellow-from-head-to-toe situation. You can start off with a yellow nail polish to ease yourself into the idea. Then, you can work yourself up to yellow sunglasses or yellow shoes. If none of those sound appealing, you can also try out a gold necklace. While not exactly yellow, it has a relatively similarly vibe of yellow that is far less intimidating.

    striped yellow spring dress from forever 21
    color blocked navy red and yellow spring dress from Urban outfitters
    yellow spring dress from bella ella boutique

    Go for Stripes

    If nail polish and accessorizing aren’t your cup of tea, there are other ways to incorporate some sunshine into your wardrobe. First and foremost is stripes. Not only are stripes alive and thriving in the fashion world, they also happen to be a great, subtle way to incorporate some color into your wardrobe. This is especially exciting to those of us whose closets are predominantly made up of neutrals. You can stick with a more traditional pattern of horizontal stripes or you can branch out with more non-traditional striped patterns.

    floral mustard yellow spring dress from bella ella boutique
    floral pale yellow spring dress from urban outfitters
    cream and yellow spring dress from bella ella boutique

    Play with Floral

    If stripes aren’t your thing, you can also go for a combination of springtime fashion flavors--yellow and floral. Florals say springtime just as much as yellow. So, why not combine the two? It also provides an opportunity to balance out the bold color of yellow with the softer feel of florals. It gives you a chance to sport a bold color without it being too in your face. If florals and yellows from head to toe make you want to head for the hills, try out a more isolated floral pattern with yellow flowers incorporated into the pattern.

    yellow spring romper from free people
    yellow spring top from forever 21
    yellow spring top from bella ella boutique

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    Softer Fits and Styles

    You can also soften the boldness of yellows by picking yellow pieces that have ruffles or a looseness in their fit/style. That flowy style gives off a softer feel to an outfit, which is a tool you should definitely utilize when trying to take on yellow pieces. Ruffles have also made a huge comeback these past few years. So, not only will you be rocking a bold color, you’ll be rocking the latest trend.

    striped yellow spring jumpsuit from bella ella boutique
    yellow spring top with flowers from bella ella boutique
    yellow spring cardigan from free people

    Be Bold

    Once you’ve found your place in the world of yellow, the fun has just begun. The more comfortable you become with the color, the bolder you can get with it. You can go for bright yellow dresses, full on yellow rompers, and even go for that neon yellow top you’ve been eyeing but were too afraid to give a chance.

    Start Your Journey

    Whatever turn your yellow journey takes, it doesn’t have to be a scary one. Take baby steps by starting with simple pieces like gold necklaces or yellow shoes, graduate to stripes and florals, find your way into ruffles and looser pieces, and then take on this sunny world as you please. Your spring wardrobe is begging you to embrace yellow, so why fight it?

    Start taking on the wonderful world of yellow by checking out some of our yellow pieces here.


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    Jazmin Cybulski

    Jazmin is a Florida native with a love for the Utah mountains. She loves getting lost in a book or a good movie, but she also doesn't mind a friendly game of ultimate frisbee on the weekends with friends. Pizza and dancing are her favorite pastimes.

    1 Response

    Katy King
    Katy King

    April 21, 2018

    Many thanks for these suggestions to ease into wearing yellow! It is a marvelous, positive color.

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