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  • Quiz: Which Patriotic 4th of July Movie Should You Watch?

    June 29, 2018 5 min read

    So many big blockbuster movies are released in the summer, and a lot of those movies include scenes from the 4th of July holiday. This summer holiday celebrates the birth of the U.S. and brings with it patriotic celebrations in every town, complete with parades, picnic, and fireworks. Celebrate the country we all love with one of these patriotic 4th of July movie picks. If you're having a hard time choosing, take the quiz below and let us pick out the movie you watch as an excuse to save the party clean up for later.

    Patriotic 4th of July movies

    patriotic 4th of july movie CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER

    1. Captain America: The First Avenger


    Captain America oozes American pride. I mean, the man is basically a walking American flag. This is a movie the entire family/group is bound to enjoy, no matter the age. The little ones will have their eyes glued on Captain America, while the older ones will appreciate the walk down memory lane.

    Bonus points if you wear a USO Girl costume as your 4th of July outfit.

    patriotic 4th of july movie Forrest Gump

    2. Forrest Gump


    This classic movie spans the presidencies of Kennedy & Johnson, the Vietnam war, Watergate and other historical events in America, all told through the perspective of Forrest, an Alabaman man with a heart of gold and a low IQ. Forrest Gump is a story of love, innocence, and the American life which makes this the perfect 4th of July movie to get you in the partiotic spirit. movie to get you in the 4th of July mood.

    classic 4th of july movie Grease

    3. Grease


    Good girl Sandy Olsson and bad-boy, greaser Danny Zuko fell in love over a whirlwind summer romance. When they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance, or will Danny's reputation get in the way? Talk about a classic All-American story of greaser boys in black leather jackets and a group of pink-wearing girls. Grease is definitely one of those movies that was definitely made for adults, but the children will love it for the musical aspect. The little ones will be singing "You are the one I want, oh-oh honey!" all night long.

    Want to be the first to hear about more great content like this?

    patriotic 4th of july movie Independence Day
    patriotic 4th of july movie Independece Day Resurgance

    4. Independence Day (New & Old)


    July 4th is the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family, but Independence Day in this movie is a totally different ball game. The typical, joy-filled festivities that take place on the 4th take a turn for the worse as alien forces begin to attack major U.S. cities. Show your patriotism by watching Will Smith as he punches aliens in the face and saves the day in this 4th of July movie.

    Make it a movie marathon event and watch the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence.

    classic 4th of july movie Jaws

    5. Jaws


    Quite possibly one of the best summer blockbusters ever, the iconic Jaws takes place over the 4th of July holiday. When the Chief of Police Martin Brody becomes fearful for tourist beachgoers safety after a series of shark attacks, he brings in a marine biologist and an old seafarer to hunt down the massive great white shark wreaking havoc and endangering swimmers. Think on that one if you plan to party it up at the beach this weekend. Or play it safe and watch Jaws instead of reliving it.

    patriotic 4th of july movie Pear Harbor

    6. Pearl Harbor


    Watching Pearl Harbor is the perfect way to sneak a good romance in while still appealing to the males in the audience. It has the perfect amount of romance to please the women, and just the right amount of action to please the men. This story follows two best friends and a beautiful nurse on the infamous day of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

    classic 4th of july movie the sandlot

    7. The Sandlot


    Nothing is more American than baseball, backyard BBQs, and pool parties. The Sandlot is a classic and there's no better time to enjoy it than on the 4th of July. Did we mention that the baseball team in the movie participates in an annual 4th of July baseball game and fireworks light up the sky, sparklers line the streets, all while "America the Beautiful" plays in the background? Yeah, it doesn't get much more American than that.

    patriotic 4th of july movie Top Gun

    8. Top Gun


    What's more American (and dreamy) than Maverick, Iceman, and shirtless beach volleyball? This 1980's classic follows students as they compete for best in class in the U.S. Navy's elite fighter weapons school. For those who love Top Gun, it might not be a bad thing to get a little refresher course as the Top Gun sequel is set to release in July 2019.

    patriotic 4th of july movie We Were Soldiers

    9. We Were Soldiers


    For those looking for a more realistic, intense patriotic movie to watch this 4th of July, We Were Soldiers is the movie for you and your adult friends. This fact-based tale follows men under fire, their uncommon acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to one another and their country during possibly the most savage battle in U.S. history; the Vietnam War. We’re talking 400 U.S. troops surrounded by enemy soldiers in the worst major battle of the war. We Were Soldiers is a great 4th of July movie to remember those who sacrificed everything for freedom.

    There are so many more patriotic movies out there to get you in the 4th of July mood. What movie did we leave off of our list?

    What 4th of July movie are you adding to your patriotic to-do list to help you celebrate the festivities?

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