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  • 20 Life Hacks for Young Moms

    May 11, 2022 8 min read

    Life can be difficult as a young mom.
    These tips & tricks should help.

    We can all use some good advice from time to time & the first few years of motherhood, as we are learning how to balance our own lives & the lives of our children is certainly one of those times. No judgment. We've all had to learn things at our own pace, as life happens, that's why articles like this exist. No matter how deep in the struggle of motherhood you are, just know, that if you are learning a few of these tips & tricks for the first time, you are not alone.

    1) Take time for yourself.  
    I'm sure you expected this list to be full of how to take care of baby. Don't worry, that stuff's here too, but remember, you can't take care of baby if you aren't taking care of yourself. That's why, during a flight, they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first in case of an
    on-board emergency.
    If you aren't getting a little time for yourself every now & again, you're more likely to be stressed & frustrated by things you'd normally take in stride. Just remember, 'If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.'.

    2) Don't be so hard on yourself.
    I know, I know, 2 tips in & still not a mention of baby. In the grand scheme of things though, it's all connected. As a young mother you're bound to make mistakes, leaving the house without wipes or an extra onesie, buying the wrong size diapers, or even struggling to get baby to sleep might all seem like reasons you aren't cut out for this whole ' Being a Mom' thing. Don't be so hard on yourself. Read it again.
    Nobody had it all figured out at first, & if we're being honest, most people never figure it all out. We are all just doing our best for our littles. I'm sure you are too. Keep your chin up & you'll do fine.

    3) Be Patient.
    One of the most difficult parts of parenting, especially parenting an infant, is they have almost zero communication skills. They can't tell you they're hungry, wet, tired, or in pain. All they can do is cry until you figure out what they want. Sadly, sometimes it seems like all they want is to cry! If you've tried everything & nothing works, take a breath & remember tips 1 & 2. There is nothing wrong with calling in reinforcements when you feel your patience running thin. In fact, that's the best time to ask for help.  

    4.) Take Notes.
    Both figuratively & literally. Watch what other moms are doing that seems to work & try it out yourself. This is how many of us learn most things in life, & motherhood is absolutely no exception.
    Also, don't be afraid to keep a journal or planner (or both) to help you keep all the things that need remembering remembered & doing, done. Plus, it'll be great to look back one day & have all the little firsts jotted down in one place to reminisce, because believe it or not, it won't be long before you'll be missing all these moments.

    5) It's totally ok to cry.

    Seriously, crying actually helps. Honestly, after all you've been through & all that is still happening there is no reason not to have a good cry once in awhile.

    6) Talk to someone.
    Whether your husband, mom, in-laws, or your bestie, talk about the things you are experiencing. Sharing in these moments, whether it's a good day or a tough one, is crucial to keeping your balance.
    Sometimes just talking through the difficult days, & even if they don't have advice, just having someone there to hear you, can be extremely therapeutic. Not to mention the sheer joy of telling someone about the first time baby rolls over, holds their own bottle & cuts their first tooth! Make it a routine to share with others how you are feeling & how things are going and you'll surely see things getting a little easier to deal with, even if they aren't actually getting any easier.

    7) Avoid the comparison trap.
    This one goes for everyone, especially young moms. There is nothing wrong with looking at others for inspiration or guidance, but once we start comparing ourselves to others, or worse, their social media posts, it can become easy to feel less than. You want to avoid this at all costs, for 1; it's not a competition, (even if it feels like it at times) & 2; no two people are the same. Comparing yourself to others will only lead to one of 2 things, a sense of overt pride or a devaluation of self.

    8) Be Prepared.
    You literally cannot have enough diapers, wipes, onesies, swaddles, bottles, or formula. If you have somewhere to store them, & can afford to, of course, STOCK UP. Especially nowadays when you might sporadically find shelves empty at your local stores.

    9) Pack Efficiently.
    You are all stoked about the cute new diaper bag you got at the baby shower & you totally should be. That thing is going to be your mobile command center for years to come! Take time to familiarize yourself with all the great features, and identify the best places to store ALL THE THINGS. From having quick access to wipes or a spare pacifier, to which pocket keeps things chilled & dry, knowing your pack & the best way to pack it will keep those diaper explosions, spit-up situations & teething tantrums at a minimal stress level.  

    10) When baby naps, you nap.
    It might be tempting to do the dishes, laundry or even just catch up on whatever you're binge-watching once those lullabies actually work. And sure, sometimes it's great just to do what needs doing while the baby's catching their cute little Zs. Still, Try to take at least one nap a day. It will help keep you from getting too fatigued from all the sleep lost tending to the middle of the night feedings & diaper changes.

    11) Drink lots of water. 
    It’s good for your health, your hair, & your skin. Need I say more? Try infused water to switch things up a bit!
    Side note, DON'T give babies under 6 months old water. It's seriously not ok.

    12) Bask in your triumph.
    Victories as a young mom don't come often enough. From figuring out how to collapse the stroller to finally dialing in the perfect temperature for Baby's bottle, pat yourself on the back when these wins come. You totally deserve to celebrate your accomplishments.

    13) Savor these precious moments.
    Infants turn to teens faster than you think. Yes, every stage of a kiddo's development has its joys & struggles, but, like everything else in life, once it's gone, it's gone.
    You will certainly look back at these days fondly so, make the most of them while you're still able to! Cuddle, snuggle, sing & play with baby as often as you can. You'll never regret the time spent giving them love.

    14) Write them emails.

    Wait. What? Yes, you read that right. Make them an email account & start writing them emails. For one, by the time they are old enough to need an email account, it will be so hard to find a decent gmail without 9745824532 at the end of it. However, that's far from the best reason to do this. It's a great way to record of all the cute firsts, from their first steps to first words or favorite colors & foods to what they want to be when they grow up.
    Honestly though, someone gave me this advice before I had my daughter who is now 5, & it has literally been some of the best advice I've ever received in my life.
    Sometimes I will just pop in to write a quick update about her new favorite song or to send her a video of her doing something cute or silly, but other times, I will write her an email that's far more meaningful to me. I've sent all kinds, including stories & pictures of all the places I've lived, or once I sent a list of links to all my favorite music videos from when I was in high school, & another with all the things I just want to make sure she knows as she grows older. I mean, what if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? It's super therapeutic for me at times & it's just nice to know she's always going to be able to have those letters from me once I am gone.
    It's also great to let your family send her emails too, my mother used to write her all the time & now that my mother has passed, she'll always have those lovely
    letters from her darling grandma.

    15) Play with your baby daily.
    It may not seem like this makes much sense, especially playing with a newborn. The reality is infants are learning from everything around them, even in their first few weeks here on earth. Interacting with them, singing & reading to them, playing classical or other soft music, all helps babies learn about the world around them & get on the fast track to building life skills. Plus, it helps you to bond with your kiddo & learn their unique personalities.

    16) Get out of the house more.
    Yes, ok, it's a full-blown mission just getting out of the door now, what with all the accouterments baby requires. From the stroller to everything in the diaper bag it might seem easier to just stay home. But, hear me out; time out of the house is definitely worth it.
    In fact, there are a ton of benefits, from just getting a breath of fresh air to helping to keep the house tidy (If you aren't home you can't make it a mess!). The benefits are many. For starters, getting you & baby ready for a day trip brings a sense of purpose, & it gives you a ton of opportunities to teach your littles about the wide world around you. Plus you get to see the magic & wonder of that world through their eyes. It truly is worth all of the extra effort.

    17) Don't take comments to heart.
    There will always be people who disagree with your parenting style. Especially now with so many of our social interactions being online. Sure, there may be valuable insight found in creative criticism, but honey, take negativity with a grain of salt.
    Even if it's from your own mother. No two people live the same life & they certainly won't raise children the same. That's part of what makes life so special. Learn what you can & leave it at that.  

    18) Eating healthy really helps.
    I am not going to sit here & say you can't eat some Ruffles with ranch dip & wash it down with an ice-cold Coke.
    Like I said in the opening paragraph; NO JUDGEMENT.
    It does merit saying, however; that eating more healthy options, more often, greatly improves your body's natural recovery process. Also, if you are breastfeeding, it helps to replenish all the nutrients that are used in production.
    Try to create a well-balanced diet for yourself to ensure you are getting all the things your healing body needs.




    19) Cast off Mom Guilt.
    Everyone experiences the internal struggle known as 'Mom Guilt'. You feel bad if you buy yourself something nice, you feel horrible if you forget to bring them a spare pacifier, & you agonize over the thought of finding a babysitter. You are not alone.
    All moms struggle with this inner turmoil. Always have. Luckily for you, we are collectively talking about these feelings now. Get out with the girls & reclaim your sense of self. Go on a date night with your hubby. Hell, just get a sitter to go to Target once in a while. You deserve a moment to breathe, away from the house, away from the kids. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Don't beat yourself up over it.

    20) Not now doesn't mean not ever.
    For sure, some of the things you wanted to do over the next few years will have to wait. Even if you planned on the bundle of joy, the impact they have on your body, your routine & your immediate future can seem a bit overwhelming. Fear not, it's not forever, & taking time now to plan the things you want to do in the coming months or years can be absolutely therapeutic. So get out your favorite bullet journal & dare to dream again.

    One More Tip: Keep Your Closet Full of Clothes You Love

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