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  • 10 Cheap Date Ideas For Warm Weather

    June 10, 2022 6 min read

    10 Cheap Date Ideas For
    Warm Weather

    "So... what do you want to do?"

    One day I got a text notification on my phone, I got asked out on a date... by my husband. First off he TEXTED me, I live with the guy and he asked me on
    a date with a TEXT! Talk about master of romance. As soon as I sat down in
    his car, ready for this 'fun' date he had planned, I get hit with the question "so...what do you wanna do?"

    I'm sorry...WHAT? Did I hear you correctly? Pardon me?! I am your wife,
    I am the greatest good you're ever gonna get and this is how you treat me?

    Uuuuugh. I HATED that! I am sooo glad I took time out of MY day to go on
    this "date". I should have gotten out of the car and said "let's try that again."

    I want to... no, I ONLY go on dates that are planned now. I want to feel like they're putting effort into the date, into wanting to spend quality time with me. Sometimes you just don’t have time to plan a date, life gets busy I get that, BUT no one is that busy.

    Make a note on your phone of fun date ideas, that way if you truly don't have time to plan you have a few (actually) fun date ideas. A pre-planned date, if you will.
    Here are 10 dates that I've either gone on or would love to go on,
    that require minimal planning but show effort, to get your list started.
    They're also dirt cheap, or free, so no need to break the bank. You're welcome.

    I know that no guy is going to stumble across this blog post. So, lets help them out and either send it their way or write down the ones you like on
    your phone and share it with them. Let's set them up for success & put
    an end to unplanned, lazy, no good dates.

    10 Date Ideas:

    Look in your food pantry and fridge and see
    what you have that could be used for a picnic.
    If I looked in my pantry and fridge right now I
    would make sandwiches with fruit on the side. Don't make the food beforehand! Something fun would be to make the picnic food together.
    Pick a spot beforehand to have the picnic and find a blanket or picnic table to sit on. If you
    have lawn games you can bring them but also remember sometimes a short and sweet date is perfect. Leave them wanting more.

    1. Picnic

    2. Thrifting

    This one is so fun, a personal fave for sure. Go to a local thrift store, like an old grungy one not one of those trendy new ones. Go through the different racks of clothing items, have one person close their eyes, and graze their hand across the clothes. The other person will tell them when to stop and whatever item they are touching is now part of their outfit. Do this back and forth until each of you have a full outfit and try it on! Now, this could go one of two ways; you could buy the outfits and go somewhere else or you could keep doing this over and over. Make sure you take pictures of the outfits!

    You could either find a park that is close
    by or find a short hike. Bring a speaker to listen to music and/or a podcast and just catch up with each other. You could also bring card games and snacks to have something to do. If you want to listen to
    a podcast, download true crime or ghost story podcast episodes. Some good true crime podcasts are; Serial Killers, Medical Murders, and Crime Junkie. If you want some ghost story podcasts my favorites are; Real Life Ghost Stories, Two Girls
    One Ghost, and Scary Story Podcast.

    3. Hammock

    4. Sports

    This one would be fun if you both like sports. Some sports that you could play one-on-one are; Basketball, soccer, pickleball, and spike ball. If you want to do a double or group date you could play the sports I already mentioned or you could play volleyball or flag football. Basketball courts, pickleball courts, sand volleyball courts, and soccer fields are easy to find. Not to mention, they are all typically free to use. Someone you know is bound to have the equipment you need or you can go to a thrift shop (see idea 2) or your local rec center and rent them for cheap.

    This could be a good group date or one-on-one. Before buying paint ask your friends, especially your artsy friends, to see if they have paint and brushes that you can borrow. If they don't have paint get white, black, red, yellow, and blue and just mix them to make the other colors you want. If you don't know what to mix to create a certain color, google it. Then, buy whatever kind of canvas you prefer. Now, you can either paint at your place, go on a quick hike and paint what you see, or go to a park. We did this recently, we painted a picture of a mouse, right in our kitchen. On my canvas, I painted half of a computer mouse and he painted half of a real mouse, when we were done we put them together. Check it out!

    5. Painting

    6. Build a Fort

    Get some snacks, order takeout, or make mac n' cheese! You can either have the fort set up and ready to go or you can make it together. But make sure you have enough blankets beforehand so you can make the fort of your dreams. Then pick a movie or play card games. Sometimes it's hard to pick a movie in a situation like this, I keep a list of movies I like, or want to see, on my phone so when we're on a date or with friends we don't spend a lifetime trying to pick a movie to watch.

    Yes, geocaching is still a thing. If you don't know what geocaching is, it's a real life, nationwide treasure hunt! So, there's an app that you get on your phone and it leads you to little hidden boxes that come in all shapes and sizes. Bring a pen and sign the logbook when you find it. You can also add comments on the app about your experience. Caution: this one's addicting!

    7. Geocache

    8. Go Stargazing

    If you own a truck it works best, but you can make it work even if you don't have one. If you do have a truck, load up the back with blankets and pillows. Drive to a previously picked location and sit in the back and enjoy the view. You can also get an app on your phone called SkyView Lite and it will show you the constellations, planets, and satellites. If you don't own a truck you can sit on the trunk of the car or bring a bunch of blankets and pillows and set it up on the ground.

    Recently, a fun date idea he had was; we went up into the canyon and found a spot to make a fire. For this date, you'll need firewood and make sure you have a lighter. You can make s'mores, roast hotdogs, or my favorite starbursts, (seriously, try it!)
    or sit there and enjoy the peace & quiet
    by the fire. Even though the weather is warm there is nothing better than sitting
    by the fire and sharing (scary?) stories.

    9. Firepit

    10. Hike

    I know that some of these date ideas already include hiking but those should be easier hikes. Find a hike to a waterfall, pond, lake, or even a hot spring. If you don't know where to hike look up popular hikes in your area or ask your friends where they like to go. Wear a swimming suit just in case the water looks too good not to jump in.

    Leave a comment below of any dates we missed!


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