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10 Back to School Quotes to Make Your School Year

July 25, 2018 2 min read

The beginning of the school year is right around the corner, and let's be honest, it can be intimidating. There are so many unknowns with the upcoming semesters and being completely prepared is nearly impossible. You need to get everything on your back to school list, double check your class schedule, and plan out what to wear for that perfect first day.

But it's also important to take a minute to breathe and really get ready for classes again. So to help, we've picked some of our favorite back to school quotes about the importance of education, being yourself, and finding happiness.

Oscar Wilde quote about education
Emma Watson back to school quote

Wizard of Oz quote
Malcolm X back to school quote about education

Intelligence is beautiful quote
Quote about learning from everyone

Nelson Mandela inspirational quote
Maya Angelou quote about success

John Lennon quote about happiness
Jack Kerouac loving life quote

School isn't just about tests and homework-it's about learning. Learning in your courses, learning about yourself, and learning to be happy. So make this school year the best one yet and keep these quotes in mind as you go back to school!

Are there any back to school quotes you absolutely love? Share them below!


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Anastasia E. Allen

Previously a makeup artist, Anastasia is Bella Ella Boutique’s beauty blogger. She has a passion for writing and is currently finishing her first book of poetry. In her free time she drives around Utah with her dog, Atticus, looking for murals and coffee shops.

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