Testing the Symmetrical Beauty Theory on Some of the Best Supermodels

Each season, thousands of the country’s most fashionable men and women head to New York City to preview the clothing that American’s will be wearing the following season. But jewelry, clothes, and shoes aren’t the only beautiful things that New York Fashion Week attendees are in awe over; the models themselves also attract attention. After all, models are in the industry because they are known for being some of the most physically attractive individuals in the world.

At the beginning of September, Fashion Week once again brought some of fashion’s elite to NYC and magazines, bloggers, and influencers began sharing photos of these beautiful models. Seeing all of these photos got the team at Bella Ella Boutique thinking, “what makes these models and the supermodels of the past so appealing to look at?” Sure, they have great skin, pretty smiles, and were genetically blessed with strong features, but is there anything consistent across the most famous supermodels throughout time that made them successful in the model industry? We wanted to dig deeper.

Knowing the commonly held belief that those who have more symmetrical faces and bodies will be perceived as more attractive, we decided to test out the theory on our favorite supermodels. So, we compiled pictures of some of fashion’s most beautiful and memorable faces and we edited the images to see if they truly had perfect symmetry.

You can see the results below. The image on the left is the original photo, the image in the middle is what the model would look like if their face was perfectly symmetrical by the right side of their face, and the one on the left shows how the model would look if the right side of their face perfectly matched the left.










While some of these photos look insanely similar, others have shocking differences. Twiggy appears to have one of the most symmetrical faces, but Alessandra Ambrosio has clear differences between the left and right side of her face. Of course, both of these supermodels are beautiful. So, does this disprove the symmetrical beauty theory? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or share with us on Facebook!

Insider Knowledge: Experts Reveal the Best Outfits to Wear on a First Date


First dates are exciting but scary. They represent a new opportunity, a potential future love but also a possible disaster. Oh the things we do for love, right? Recently, we consulted with some of the top relationship experts across the country to assess what you should wear to ensure a perfect first date. Read on for their best advice. It’s practically a science.

“You should have two goals: to look like you’re making an effort and to feel great. Never sacrifice the latter for the former. You want your date to see that you put in an effort. [They will] feel flattered and special. By aiming to feel great, you’ll always have that extra confidence that is irresistible!” -Francesca Hogi

“Don’t choose an outfit that you don’t feel 100% comfortable in. If you are busy pulling [on your] top or concerned with walking in those heels, you will lose opportunities to connect by being distracted with your own insecurities. Let your personality and comfort in your own skin lead your outfit choice!” -Jessica Elizabeth Opert

“Spend time doing your makeup, nails, and hair. Men look at grooming and are often attracted to women who look after themselves. Regardless of the occasion and most importantly: wear a smile.” – Amira Celon

“Be the ‘Lady in Red’. Red not only helps put the spotlight on you, but you’ll also feel radiant and confident. Research has shown that red acts as a sexual sign in women, which attracts men.” -April Davis

“Guys want and need to see your shape. Personally, my fave is skinny jeans, a silky blouse, low heeled suede boots, and a leather or denim jacket. Guys like it because they can see your figure and because it reeks of ‘casual’ it will put both [of you] at ease.” – Amber Kelleher

“Classy sexy is always the way to go! Don’t show it all on the first date – leave some room for imagination. Show off the more appropriate areas of your body like your shoulders. If you’re feeling classy with a little bit of sexy, you’ll radiate pure confidence.” – Rori Sassoon

“The key to [successful] first date style is comfort. As in, you must feel (and ideally look) gorgeous in your outfit! Nothing will catch his eye more than great posture, confident movements and a big smile. Feeling fabulous in your clothes goes hand in hand with all of these.” – Emily Holmes Hanh

A little black dress that flatters your figure is always a good idea. Or, if it’s a casual date, a pair of your sexiest jeans and a cute top will do. In any case, make sure whatever you wear shows off your best assets, but keep it classy.” – Julia Bekker

Now that you’ve heard the recommendations that these professional matchmakers have given it’s time to pick the perfect outfit and get out there. Go on a first date, and get ready to turn heads (in a good way). And remember, first impressions do count!